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  1. The Perfect Word

    Text-to-Speech Program

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a text-to-speech program to read documents I have typed so I can more easily proof against the original hard copy. I'm looking at something called Natural Reader, which one person on Google Plus has commented she uses and really likes. Most of my work is...
  2. The Perfect Word

    When you're more expensive...

    For my new Netherlands' client, he told me in the beginning that I was more expensive than the person his company was currently using, but he was looking for better quality. He never asked me for a lower rate, which is good because I don't lower my rates...LOL! After my first transcript with...
  3. The Perfect Word

    Noise-canceling headphones

    Due to my office being out in the open, I decided to try a few of the noise-canceling headphones. I bought one from Staples today--Audio-technica ANC 29 noise-canceling. I also ordered one from Walmart--Velodyne vQuiet. The vQuiet in most places is $249 (including Amazon) but for some reason...
  4. The Perfect Word

    Client issues with "PayPal" as part of description on statement

    Has anyone ever had a client complain that they can't use PayPal for a credit card payment if it will say "PayPal" on the credit card statement? I've never had this complaint before, but a contact at a federal government agency said they couldn't have it show up with "PayPal" on there. (And this...
  5. The Perfect Word

    Testimonials or Recommendations?

    I notice that most people use the term "testimonials" rather than "recommendations" on their website. And recently I had someone in a website marketing capacity review my website, and she suggested that I change "recommendations" to "testimonials" because recommendations could be seen at first...
  6. The Perfect Word

    Question More than one computer?

    Do any of you have more than one computer for your business, maybe one you use most of the time and then another one as sort of a backup? My six-year-old desktop computer (running XP) is starting to give me some problems so I'm thinking about getting another desktop (Windows 7). There's a great...
  7. The Perfect Word

    Anything exciting going on?

    It's been kind of quiet around the transcription forum lately. Hopefully everyone is just busy, busy, busy with new clients and lots of transcription work! I picked up a new local client this week, one of the biggest law firms in the area! I don't "do legal," but this is not really legal in the...
  8. The Perfect Word

    First Smartphone and a Question

    Hi everyone! Just got my first smartphone (Android) a few days ago (loving it!). This may sound like a stupid question, but should I have some type of antivirus on this thing? Some are listed in the phone's app/play store (including a mobile version of the one I have on my computer). If so, do...
  9. The Perfect Word

    Best Phone Call Recorder?

    Would love some advice on the best phone call recorder out there. I know there's the kind you can stick a suction cup thing to the receiver and then there's the in-line device. Businesses usually have a computer or network system to record, but I'd like to have great suggestions for my...
  10. The Perfect Word

    Negative SEO Tactics That Will Kill Your Rankings

    Ran across this article and inforgraphic in a LinkedIn group post and thought it was cute...cute if you like zombies, that is! LOL! Negative SEO Tactics That Will Kill Your Rankings :seeya:
  11. The Perfect Word

    Mobile-Ready Websites

    Hi everyone! This may be a dumb question, but what exactly is a mobile-ready website? I keep being told mine is not--by those trying to sell me their services and when I test it on sites that supposedly tell me if it is--but my son and friends can pull it up fine on their devices (I don't have...
  12. The Perfect Word

    A transcription portfolio

    Hey everyone! If you've ever needed a portfolio for a transcription job, what did you use? I have several different formats I like to present, but most of my work is confidential in nature so I can't use those as-is. Anything that's "out there for the public" I figure is okay to use without...
  13. The Perfect Word

    HIPAA and BA Contracts

    Hi everyone! Hope you're having a super weekend so far. I just signed up a new client, the risk management department of a nearby county government (yay!), and I signed my first business associate (BA) contract. If you're not familiar with that, it is required by HIPAA regulations if the...
  14. The Perfect Word

    Security Protocols, Procedures, and Policies

    Hi everyone! I wasn't quite sure where to post this, but here goes. Does anyone deal with these items in their work related to HIPAA, ARRA, and HITECH? Business Associate shall be subject to the following obligations under the Privacy and Security Rules made applicable under the ARRA and...
  15. The Perfect Word

    When Sending Thank You Cards

    Good morning everyone! When sending thank you cards to new clients that you hope to work with again, is it proper to include a business card? I've read to do that, but I didn't know if it would somehow lessen the "thank you" aspect and make it also appear as sort of a low-key sales pitch or...
  16. The Perfect Word

    Question Protecting your website from hackers and viruses

    Does anyone use something (don't know what to call it) to protect your website from being hacked and getting a virus? My host provides something that will scan your site on a regular basis looking for possible vulnerabilities so they can be fixed. They even offer help (at no extra charge) if you...
  17. The Perfect Word

    Downloading Webinars and Podcasts for Transcription?

    What does everyone use to download webinars and podcasts so you can transcribe them? I have a YouTube downloader, but not sure that it will work since these are not on YT. I have a possible new client with webinars that are located only in a password-protected area on their site. Thanks!! :seeya:
  18. The Perfect Word

    How do you vet your transcription subcontractors?

    I've been reading a lot lately about VAs having trouble finding good subcontractors. So if you are a transcription sub or have subs (or both!), I'd love to hear how you vet your subs or how you were vetted if you are a sub. What can we do to make sure from the very beginning (as sure as...
  19. The Perfect Word

    Question Do you have a search feature on your website?

    I'm interested in possibly putting a search feature on my website. I would love some thoughts from those who have one, what you use, etc. (I don't have WordPress, but a website built with HTML.) Thank you!!
  20. The Perfect Word

    Question What Browser(s) Do You Use?

    When designing our websites, we have to keep in mind that they may not look the same in every browser, so it's a good idea to check how they look in the ones that most people use. So, thought it would be fun to find out what browsers everyone around VAF uses. I have four on my computer...