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  1. SuzannaK

    New Business

    I think that is correct. For one business, you can have many websites with different domain names and also different titles for the site I think. I did something similar to what you want to do. I have a website for VA services and another site that is focused just on social media services and...
  2. SuzannaK

    Site Upgrade

    Thanks for your response, Janine. I am not sure how I can tell if it is a .com or .org site. But when I look at it using, it shows Divi Framework and a ThemePunch widget. I am attaching a screenshot of the back end of her site. It is so limited that you can’t even see what...
  3. SuzannaK

    Site Upgrade

    I have a client who has a WordPress site that seems to have a very limited WordPress version. On the back end it has no section for Plugins, Appearance, Settings, etc. that I normally see. Does anyone have ideas for how I could upgrade this to the normal version? Thanks.
  4. SuzannaK

    Client Testimonials

    I think it could mean different things. Maybe they don’t feel like they know you well enough yet to write a great testimonial. Or maybe they want to give you the benefit of writing whatever you want. Or maybe they just don’t want to do the work. Anyway, I think it is best to have your...
  5. SuzannaK

    Lesson learned

    I like doing flyers in Photoshop itself and have found a couple of good Photoshop templates that I can modify. Doing it in Photoshop makes it a lot easier to change pictures and move things around if you know how to use layers. I can usually do graphics stuff pretty well but I know there are...
  6. SuzannaK

    Business Name

    Did you decide on a name, Debbie? The name ClickkidPro made me think of a new safety belt product for kids, like for car seats.
  7. SuzannaK

    Social Media Graphics

    Thanks ladies. Another one I discovered recently is Adobe Spark. I use Photoshop too but creating pictures manually can really increase the cost of a post, so I am trying to do it in moderation. :-)
  8. SuzannaK

    Business around work schedule

    It can also help if you put an appointment scheduler on your site that is clearly visible and invites people to schedule calls with you. This way, a potential client can schedule a call with you right away at a time that is good for both of you instead of having to go back and forth with emails...
  9. SuzannaK

    Hello from California

    Hi Norcal VA, Nice to meet you. I am in Cali too, but southern Cali (in Bakersfield right now). Having accounting experience is great. I know that there are VAs on this form who do bookkeeping or accounting virtually and do very well. So just because some people are not familiar with...
  10. SuzannaK

    Requests for a resume?

    I have seen this too a lot recently. Some of them actually require a resume to even consider you. They seem to be mixing the contactor and employee mindset. I find it odd especially when they only want to use you for like 5 hours a week at low pay but want you to go through a very formal...
  11. SuzannaK

    .com vs .net

    The .com might make it easier for people to find your site because people are more familiar with that, but the difference may not be very significant for you. There are major sites that use .net instead of .com like
  12. SuzannaK

    Social Media Graphics

    I am looking for an easy to use tool for creating great looking social media images. What tools do you like to use and why?
  13. SuzannaK

    How do you handle late payments?

    I have also found that upfront payment works the best. It avoids the worry of not getting paid or having to chase clients who haven't paid you. I have one client who pays me for 5 hours at a time. If I go over the 5 hours a little bit, I carry it over to the next 5 hours.
  14. SuzannaK

    New clients for client

    I have a client who wants to get more calls with potential clients and she wants me to create a plan for this. Any ideas?:bulb:
  15. SuzannaK


    Hi Melissa, Welcome! Your response reminds me of the quote “People Who Say It Cannot Be Done Should Not Interrupt Those Who Are Doing It.” Keep in mind that the people who are giving you the negative feedback have not been there, done that. So they are making judgments without really...
  16. SuzannaK

    Found My Niche, but not sure if it is in demand...

    Hi Sonja, Many businesses need someone who is passionate about taking good care of their customers, so it’s great that you are excited about customer service. I have seen RFPs for customer service, but they might also require phone support. But there are also companies that provide email...
  17. SuzannaK

    Question Feedback on my website?

    I agree about changing the pictures on the home page. They probably look fine on a small screen, but on my large screen they look blurry. I would also change the little picture on the web browser tab (the favicon). Right now, it is showing a Host Gator image. You can change it to your logo.
  18. SuzannaK

    Free Electronic Signature Service

    Another one I have found that works like EchoSign is HelloSign. They give you 3 signatures for free a month, but if you combine that with DigiSigner, then you would have 8 signatures a month.
  19. SuzannaK

    Review my site? - Should I start a blog? o.0

    A blog will add more content to your site and make you look more professional. I like your site's clean layout. One thing I noticed is on the FAQ section, under "Would I consider you an employee?", at the end of the paragraph you say "Here’s a link that further describes the difference". I...
  20. SuzannaK

    WordPress FAQ Plugin

    I am looking for a plugin that shows FAQ questions on a page and when you click on each question, it expands to reveal the answer. What plugin is the best for this?