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  1. LuzDonahue

    New VA - Hello Everyone

    Hi Michelle! Welcome. You're very much in the right place. This is an incredible and supportive community. I feel very fortunate to have found it. Anything you need---even moral support--- is here. Curious, how did you find out about virtual assistance as a thing? I ask because everyone has...
  2. LuzDonahue

    Medical Insurance

    Have you looked into any of the options on the state exchange?
  3. LuzDonahue

    Question Where do most of your new clients come from?

    At this point I am getting most clients through referrals which is very nice. I just thought since this chart came up I'd leave a note for the newbies out here. I know when I was first starting out I thought this day would NEVER come. There was a lot of networking the first couple years and I've...
  4. LuzDonahue

    Appointment Booking Calendar?

    I use Vcita. I like it too because you can charge people to book the appointment... like you can integrate all your invoicing through it.
  5. LuzDonahue

    Scared VA

    I'm with Susan! Jump in! Do a little at a time. Write notes to yourself to encourage yourself. Remember WHY you want a successful VA business. Try to get a mentor or someone to do some sub work with. You may even find a VA willing to walk you through the process so you are not on your own...
  6. LuzDonahue

    Anyone else use Trello?

    I use it for long term planning but I KNOW I am underusing it. There is SO much you can do w/ it and it's free! You can also add people to boards and projects and add notes. If you look on their site, they have lots of boards with templates and examples on how people use it and it's very...
  7. LuzDonahue

    Opinions please :)

    Just throwing in my 2 cents. I like "THE" in front. For the same reasons everyone else did :)
  8. LuzDonahue

    Resource Blog Idea Generator-- Pretty Cool

    OooooOooooh This was fun! Thanks for sharing!! :D
  9. LuzDonahue

    Logo Review Please

    I think the third one is more interesting but the first one is more clear. There's no reason you can't use the third one on your website etc and in places where it is smaller use the first version. :)
  10. LuzDonahue

    G'day from Melbourne

    Welcome! You'll love the forum. There's so much information on here and tons of awesome people willing to help. Congrats on your new venture!
  11. LuzDonahue

    Hello from OH

    Hi Debbie! Welcome! You definitely landed in the right place. The best thing to do is to just dive in. I would spend some time thinking about what services you want to do. It helps to try to find a mentor or an established virtual assistant who may need some extra help in exchange for...
  12. LuzDonahue

    How to make the leap from full time employee to VA

    Hi there! You have lots of advice already but I'm happy to share my experience a little and tell you about what worked for me. Remember that it's YOUR business and there is no real right or wrong way to do this. You have to do what works for you. I started by doing some sub work for...
  13. LuzDonahue

    Big Networking event

    I think you're on the right track. Definitely have business cards. One of the things I've learned is that it's more valuable to have a few good conversations with people you can click with than tons of conversations that feel rushed. Focus on building relationships with people you can get along...
  14. LuzDonahue


    If you are open to working as an employee than an interview is appropriate. However, as Paulette points out, if you are working as a VA maybe 'interview' isn't quite the right term. You can politely explain your client consultation and intake process. As long as you are clear on what type of...
  15. LuzDonahue

    Question Google Voice

    Hey Lori! Yeah, you can do that. As long as your phone has the ability to set a different ring tone for a specific number (most do) you would get a call from your Google Voice number and it would be a that ring tone. :)
  16. LuzDonahue

    Question Google Voice

    I love Google Voice. I think it's perfect for virtual assistants. My favorite part is that it transcribes the messages so you can read in your email what the voice mail says before you listen to it. It's not 100% correct all the time but it gives you a gist of what the call is about so you can...
  17. LuzDonahue

    Ack. Problems with Twitter Name...

    Is there a reason you don't want to use your name? It's a good idea since it can get people to recognize YOU. As your business grows you can always rebrand to make it fit. Your username can be your name and the the *name* above can be your biz name. Thoughts?
  18. LuzDonahue

    Hello Everyone!

    I should start with the disclaimer that I taught this class when it first launched (no longer though). The book is awesome! As someone who already had a VA business when I was given the book to put together the syllabus I still learned a lot and got better perspective on how I wanted to run my...
  19. LuzDonahue

    Is this a mistake?

    I think you're on track and it's good that you won't let this get you stuck. That said, there is NO reason you can't change your name if it doesn't work out after a period of time. I would spend the bulk of the time trying to get those first couple clients as you can always change a name :)
  20. LuzDonahue

    New Virtual Assistant - Need Encouragement

    Re: New VA Need Encouragement There are already tons of awesome suggestions here! I would also mention Michelle's Jumpstart Class. I've heard awesome feedback and I taught the class once and can tell you the curriculum is amazing. It gives you time to do a some work each week and prioritize...