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  1. VAF Admin

    Picture upload

    Hi Lowanna, it's probably that the file is too large - the error message you receive after attempting to upload should explain what the exact issue is. Try resizing to a smaller image and that will likely fix the issue.
  2. VAF Admin

    What is the free offer for Virtual Assistantville?

    Re: How do the RFPs here work? Hi Lowanna :) your question about the eBook docs has been addressed in the original thread you posted to. To take advantage of the free Basic listing at Virtual Assistantville enter code VAFREE after selecting the Basic package on the site - and you're all set!
  3. VAF Admin

    Downloading free contracts that go with the Become a Virtual Assistant eBook from Amazon

    Re: Become a Virtual Assistant e-Book Hi Lowanna, just sent you a PM with more info! XO
  4. VAF Admin

    Question Feedback on Become a Virtual Assistant eBook?

    Hi Sandra, thanks so much for your purchase! You should be all set now :) Keep us all posted on how your startup process goes with the eBook in hand!
  5. VAF Admin

    Problem accessing contracts from the ebook

    OK, great! Thanks for clarity :) Please email your Amazon receipt to admin @ virtualassistantforums . com (without the spaces) and include a note about what it is you need - we'll get it sorted ASAP for you! :)
  6. VAF Admin

    Affiliate Question

    Hi there - great question! We don't currently offer an affiliate program through the store because we do sell many non-VAF products and courses. However, we DO have a great affiliate program set up for the Become a Virtual Assistant eBook! You can find more info on the program by clicking the...
  7. VAF Admin

    Question Feedback on Become a Virtual Assistant eBook?

    Hi Julie, for future reference, always best to post support requests in the Forum FAQ and Feedback section of VAF :) But since you're here... go ahead and send a copy of your Amazon receipt to [email protected] and we'll get you the documents! There's a page in the Kindle eBook...
  8. VAF Admin

    Problem accessing contracts from the ebook

    Hi there and thanks for your purchase - which version of the eBook did you buy? (ie - Kindle version or PDF from the VAF Store?) That info will help us send you in the right direction! :)
  9. VAF Admin

    Become a Virtual Assistant e-Book

    Hi Lori, thank you for your purchase :) Gmail is NOTORIOUS for sending our automated emails to the spam folder - please check there for the email and be sure to mark our communications as 'not spam'.
  10. VAF Admin

    Contract/ Document Library

    We've since taken down the contracts library, if you search 'free contract' or 'free form' or 'free download' in the search option (top right, main menu) you can turn up many of those documents. Otherwise, the main ones that were developed by the site founder have been packaged and included in...
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    Change my username

    Generally we don't make username switches unless you can offer a pretty compelling reason to do so. Changing usernames can be disruptive to the community as people get to know you based on that username from the start. The logic behind and importance of choosing a username is mentioned...