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  1. JoCarole

    Question Typing Rates

    A woman just called looking for a rate to type up some hand written notes to send to her attorney. She has half a steno book of notes, she writes big. This may require extra time to edit and maybe correct spelling. Would anyone be able to give me a standard rate for this? I have no idea what to...
  2. JoCarole

    Announcement PayPal Policy Change

    PayPal is changing their policy regarding claims against them. Effective tomorrow, Nov 1, 2012, you will be unable to sue them, everything will be subject to arbitration. Many if not all credit card companies have this policy too. To me this is just another nail in their coffin. I had a lot of...
  3. JoCarole

    Problem I'm listed in the Trade Center Chambers in Iraq????

    This just came into my email box and I wanted to post it here. He is asking whether I can be trusted? haha "Needs your assistance Captain John Anthony ([email protected] I am sorry to encroach into your privacy in this manner,I found you listed in the Trade Center Chambers of Commerce...
  4. JoCarole

    Resource List of the best online payment alternatives for entrepreneurs.

    This came into my EM box this morning, I wanted to pass it along as I know this topic is important to all of us. :) Here is the link...
  5. JoCarole

    Problem Paypal debited the wrong account!

    Just wanted to post here what happened to me a few weeks ago which is still not cleared up and won't be for a while. I have two business accounts at Paypal. I did this initially so I would be able to buy from one account and accept payments at the other account. Everything was fine for a long...
  6. JoCarole

    Tip Pando had a virus with it :(

    Hi all :) Hope you all are having a nice Sunday.... I haven't posted in a long while but VAF is dear to my heart so I wanted to take a minute and tell you about this bad virus that I just removed. It was attached to Pando. In the past, I never had a problem with Pando for large file shares...
  7. JoCarole

    Tip If it sounds like a scam?

    I was checking my emails this morning when I saw one that was sent from a Lee Woods at 244 am this morning. This is it: From: Lee Wood Sent: Friday, December 30, 2011 2:44 AM To: undisclosed-recipients: Subject: VA service needed urgently Hello, I would need your VA service as...
  8. JoCarole

    Question Online courses deductible?

    Does anyone know if online courses are deductible? I am using Turbo Tax Home & Business and it is saying that in order to deduct tuition, it has to be from an approved school which usually are brick and mortar. Does anyone know the answer to this? Thanks in advance. :o JoCarole
  9. JoCarole

    ITune Audio Files

    Would anyone know if an Itune file can be converted to an MP3 file for transcription purposes? :confused: A PC is telling me that large Itune files cannot be converted if they are too big. If this is true, would anyone know of any software that would convert Itunes to an MP3? Otherwise...
  10. JoCarole

    New Client upfront costs

    Just wondering if anybody bills for new client upfront costs? I am talking about making up new folders, printing out copies of stuff you need to know about your clients and you want permanent records of. Also the time involved in setting up any systems needed to be in place before you actually...
  11. JoCarole

    Question Quickbooks 2009

    I am reading up on QB never used it before. I am trying to set up my company profile on this system and I am already stumped on the first question. :blush2: I have to set up my calender system for either the fiscal year or January 1st. I am thinking Jan 1st but the directions say that most...
  12. JoCarole

    Client Communications - What is your policy?

    Just wondering if there is a general rule on client calls and email communications. When you first sign on a new client, after your initial consultation, do you have a weekly client call? If so is this billable? What about emails? I know this topic has been discussed as far as excessive...
  13. JoCarole

    Tip Facebook Clickjacking Attack through newsfeed

    Article is here. This is posted on Mashable.
  14. JoCarole

    Free Stuff Free Microsoft Office 2010

    Here is the link, Of course, if you upgrade you get more. Here is some info for you: "Fighting Google with free Microsoft's biggest response to critics comes in the form of its new Web apps. Microsoft will make Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook and OneNote available online for free. The...
  15. JoCarole

    Question No audio on my new Dell webcam?

    I am using my built-in webcam for the first time. I recorded something but when I play it back, there is no audio. :mad2:. My audio settings are on for my computer and the webcam. The software was installed with my new laptop computer but Skype video told me they can't detect a webcam. So I...
  16. JoCarole

    Tip Does anyone else hate Skype spam?

    I am tired of getting these pop-ups. Here is an article that may help somewhat. :o
  17. JoCarole

    Question Home office deduction anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone deducts their home office. I never did since my old accountant told me not to along with my other business expenses. until I started making some money to offset it. In hindsite I realize this was wrong and now it's too late to deduct those expenses. In doing some...
  18. JoCarole

    Article PC World - Which Security Suite works?

    Interesting article on security suites right here.
  19. JoCarole

    Free Stuff Software that reminds you to 'Take a Break'

    I just downloaded this program, so I didn't try it out yet but I am a prime candidate for a program that reminds me to 'take a break'. As I am typing this post I can see a 'reminder' on my screen telling me 'it's time for a break'. I am starting to have pains in my left wrist so I hope this will...
  20. JoCarole

    News Facebook Users Targeted in Massive Spam Run

    This email just came into my box from PC World Daily News, here is the link: