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    Question Retainer Packages or Service Packages or Both?

    Put yourself in your client's shoes. If you were contracting someone else for the work you provide, how would you (as the client) want to pay for the work? Paying per hour at first may seem easy, but in the long run, which would save you the most money?
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello and Welcome, Steph! I absolutely love, love, love it here! Might I make a suggestion? What helped me with this information, was separating it into folders. Then I would write down the information I need and I keep it in a binder near my computer. Good luck in your business venture!
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    Hello from Delaware!!

    Hello and Welcome, Kelly. This is definitely the place to be. Lots of really great people here and all the information you need and more. Sounds like you already have several niches, and you already know what you like to do. Doing auditors, not many people like to do that. Genealogist, so many...
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    Podcast How to Start a Part-Time Virtual Assistant Business, with Lee Drozak - Side Hustle Nation

    Thank you, Lee, I loved the interview. It helped me to re-affirm my list of must do's when I first open my doors, like networking, networking, networking. Actually, I've already started the networking on my personal facebook (haven't set one up for my business yet) by explaining to my friends...
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    What are your Holiday Policies?

    I'm listing all the major holidays like New Year's, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc., and because I'm from Louisiana, Mardi Gras is also major here too in my welcome packet. My birthday is the very last day of each year, so I celebrate both it and New Year's together. Two special days for me, are...
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    Adding a touch of 'luxury' to your virtual assistance practice

    I was thinking about this the other night, some way to thank them. Where I'm not yet open, I still have ideas coming through loud and clear (yea, every night when I crawl into bed, lol)
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    Do you refer to yourself as a 'Virtual Assistant'?

    Thought I would add this to help: According to wikipedia, "consultant" is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area. You can read more here: I was thinking more of a "coordinator", which according to wikipedia is...
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    Question How many pages is your agreement? What is too long?

    It really depends on you and your business, I think. Mine right now is 3 pages, yet I haven't opened my business yet so it may become longer. Because an agreement is the document that will help to protect you and your client in court, as your business grows you want to cover all the basics so...
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    Recorded Call: The Importance of Managing Cash Flow and Expenses in Your Business with Michelle Mang

    To answer the person who asked about the CPA: With the tax laws changing yearly, a CPA will know last minute details where tax software might possibility not have the last minute details included. I've listened to this before, and as my launch date gets closer, I find myself listening more...
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    Free Stuff 30 Day Landing Page Course (free)

    Thanks Michelle. And my to do list continues...but, I went ahead and signed up. I'm getting closer to my "opening date", and I know this will help.
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    Question Having clients in multiple states

    Going through and reading articles from the sba website, I came across an article about doing business in multiple states. My question is: As a virtual assistant, do we need to get a certificate of authority or a certificate of foreign business from this other state before we can do business...
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    My five favorite Windows Phone Apps

    Michelle and Lee, Thank you both. I have an "idea" of the kind of phone I want, but still looking at options (really trying to decide which would be more useful in business, basically). The information here will help me to decide.
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    Building a website, a learning experience

    What I like best on this site, it gives me the option to look at it in a smaller screen (like a phone, ipad, etc) that way I know how my PCs may see it. Terri, thank you. I can't wait for you and everyone to see it too. I know I'm going to need some advice from all you pros. Amy, it's not the...
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    Building a website, a learning experience

    My son and I did the homepage to my website this past Saturday, ok more me with his help. I first drew what I want my homepage to look like, then we went in and did it. At first, I was really confused, but after some guidance I really got into it. After working on it several hours, we took a...
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    Google+ Training

    Good resources. Thank you. I took a look at Google + and was like "huh? what?". These resources will help me become familiar with it so I'll know more about what I should be doing, instead of being confused.
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    What are YOUR transcription challenges?

    The biggest problem I've ever had was not understanding the speaker. I understand that after a procedure you want to get it down while it's still on your mind, but not when you are so tired and can barely think straight much less talk right. There were times, I had to get someone else (like mom...
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    Free Stuff Super beautiful app- Shows all your social media feeds in one place

    I agree, it is expensive. But will try it when I'm up and running, you never know what will work till you try it. Thanks, Luz! :)
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    Potential Client a No-Show

    I agree with the others. You understand that his time is of value, but it doesn't sound like he understands that yours is too as well.
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    Free Stuff September Planners (free)

    Thanks Michelle! Yea, I'm one of those that have to plan my day in advance just to keep my thoughts straight. Lol!
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    Confidence in your abilities....

    When I first came to this forum, I did feel the same way. Now, I look at it like this: Yes, most here have more experience than I do, but that's because they've built their business into the successes that they are today. At one time, they too were "in my shoes." They no longer intimidate me...