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  1. LorenaCVirtualAssistant

    Is calling ourselves VA's demeaning?

    I'm not too keen on the word "virtual" but I use it. I am thinking of re-branding in the future and use something like Remote Business Assistant. However, I have so many sites that I'm listed as a virtual assistant that it would be a pain in the butt to edit them. For now, I'll remain a virtual...
  2. LorenaCVirtualAssistant

    How to get clients?

    Like Janine said above, look into subcontracting for other VAs. You'll learn which work schedule fits you, which tools/programs that you're good at, and gain experience. Also, if the VA loves your subcontracting work, they'll probably refer you to other VAs and clients!
  3. LorenaCVirtualAssistant

    My website is up!

    Also you may want to hide your Testimonials tab until you add some in there. The "Coming Soon" doesn't look right.
  4. LorenaCVirtualAssistant

    My website is up!

    Your website is taking quite a bit of time to load on my laptop. I have Windows 8. I'm not able to see any graphics on it, just the text as it's still loading. You may want to have people test it to see if it has a loading issue.
  5. LorenaCVirtualAssistant

    What tools like hootsuite do you use?

    I'm learning If This Then That (IFTT) I have it set up with a few automations but am learning more. It's pretty neat and free!
  6. LorenaCVirtualAssistant

    How do I find my niche?

    To help discover your niche: We all know that each of us works differently. Some tasks are exciting to some, while others it's boring. Help find out what YOU would enjoy in life, from your career choice to interacting with others. It's a fun personality quiz with in depth results. I did this...
  7. LorenaCVirtualAssistant

    Question Any Advice on finding successful networking events (or any specific recommendations)

    How about finding Mom and Pop businesses and small businesses in your area and give them a flyer and your business card? You can also postal mail small businesses with your information.
  8. LorenaCVirtualAssistant

    What's the best way to organize and schedule daily/ weekly repeating tasks?

    I try to make out a weekly schedule for myself. I try to get my clients to specify which days and time frames that they need me to work on their projects/tasks (if its a priority project etc). If the project/tasks are not urgent then I ask my clients if I can pencil them in on a slow day. I...
  9. LorenaCVirtualAssistant

    Create a New Client Welcome Packet Guide PDF

    Re: Create a New Client Welcome Packet pdf Thx for the feedback. I am gathering info and details on forming a welcome packet for my clients.
  10. LorenaCVirtualAssistant

    Do you refer to yourself as a 'Virtual Assistant'?

    I do use the term "virtual assistant" but I also make sure in my communications with future and current clients that I define my skill sets and services. I think however that using the term "virtual admin assistant" would be more appropriate for me. I may change to that in the near future.
  11. LorenaCVirtualAssistant

    VAF Community Terms of Service

    Read and agree to the community terms of service.