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    FedEx Printing for Biz Cards

    Wow... your business cards look very nice!!
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    Need reviews for my website

    I think it looks great, but I also got the feeling of it being a health or coach related website! I did find one typo under the Pay as you Go portion (in the Rates/Plans section). The first few words should read "This is an" instead of "this is and". Good job and good luck :)
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    How to answer the 'About Me' question during client consult?

    Re: About Me? Friendly conversations are the best! But, you can still ask questions in there too so you can learn more about them than just what's on their website while keeping it still within the friendly conversation mode :) The reason I will ask certain questions is because I want to make...
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    Setting Guidelines with client?

    Hopefully things are better now? He's an old school attorney so working "virtual" and not being in the office is an extremely new concept for him!
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    Need help figuring out my Niche!!

    Yes, definitely knowing who your target client is will help to narrow down your niche. Also, what do you love to do?
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    How to answer the 'About Me' question during client consult?

    Re: About Me? Don't treat it as them interviewing you... use the time to interview them and ask questions. Prepare a list of questions that you will have handy to ask any potential client. :)
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    Got my first new client..and I have a problem

    Congratulations!! I agree with Susan's suggestion (above)... make a list, prioritize it and check off each thing as it's done! (I'm a list-maker! LOL) Good luck :)
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    Hello from CA!

    Hi Erica and welcome to the forum! :)
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    Hello, YourOnlineVA

    Hello Pranav and welcome to the forum!
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    Think I finally found my dream career!

    Hi Laura and welcome to the forum! :)
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    Hours Per Week Needed for Success?

    I love what I do! I work 40+ hours a week sometimes, it all depends what's going on (since the law doesn't work "9-5" and I'm available to my attorney clients when they need me - within reason, of course - hours can definitely fluctuate! LOL)
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    Tip Contractor Agreements (Beware!)

    That's a shame that something this has happened to you. Good reminder to always read over everything a few times - especially the "fine print"!
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    Facebook Question

    I don't do any social media for clients, and just started with my own, so I would use this client as the "learning curve" (with the client's knowledge/permission, of course)... I would do it for free to get my feet wet, as long as it wasn't going to be too time consuming (and I would have that...
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    Do you have a sell sheet?

    I LOVE it, Galena!! I have my brochure and other marketing materials, but I may consider something like this in the very near future!! Thanks for sharing :)
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    Phone number used for marketing

    I use my cellphone, but I also have an office/business line.
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    List price on website or not?

    I'm in the process of building my website, but I will not be listing my prices. I charge flat fees (no hourly rates) and will customize retainer packages based on the attorney's needs, as I've been doing.
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    Question Keeping clients happy

    I keep them organized and on schedule and that makes them happy!
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    Okay... I am really "new technology challenged" and in my business/target market, I don't think it's necessary... but, what exactly is Evernote (I also hear about it everywhere!) and what does it do? Thanks :)
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    What do you think of this logo?

    Hi Galena! I really like the logo and I really like the one in your Post #1. I think it's easy to read and it makes you and your business approachable :) Remember, not everyone is reading on a desktop/laptop with a huge screen and not everyone can read small print. Some of the print on the...
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    Luz Rulz + free social media exercise [VIDEO]

    Thanks for sharing this- it was very interesting and informative!