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    How do you title yourself?

    I would use Virtual Professional as I feel "Consultant" would pigeonhole you.
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    Question Elance - A good way to find VA jobs?

    I saw someone mention The Thrive Hiring System...though when I look it up, it only shows a subscription for businesses to search for Virtual Assistants. Am I looking at the wrong link?
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    How do you spend the time in between clients?

    I think it's important to spend the time you do have between clients on marketing, writing blogs and content for your site and also doing some research and reading industry related material. :)
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    How to begin part time

    Good luck with your business! I am currently working as a Virtual Assistant a little more than part time and have a very part time job outside the house. I hope to work full time with my own business as well in the future and hope to make enough money to support myself and my kids. :) It's a...
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    The Perfect Potential Client Phone Call

    This is a great post! Definitely bookmarking this!
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    When you're more expensive...

    I don't lower my rates either because I know that I deliver QUALITY work and I think that is the most important to clients. :) They want quality and someone who works very hard for them. Way to go!
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    Google voice question

    I get those to my google voice as well but I figure that if they were actually clients who needed something, they would leave a message.
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    Need help, client wants work samples?

    Oh! That makes sense. I have a graphic design and art background before this so in my mind "work samples" to me was like portfolio. :) I appreciate it!
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    Hello from a new member

    Re: Hello from new member I've heard of that book as well but never read it. Welcome!
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    Do you refer to yourself as a 'Virtual Assistant'?

    I refer to myself as a Social Media and SEO Consultant. I used to refer to myself as a Virtual Assistant until people had no idea what the heck I was talking about. lol So I had to really change what I referred to myself as.
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    Question double-sided business cards

    I've been using VistaPrint for YEARS and I'm very loyal to them. I find their quality to be great, their prices to be unbeatable and their shipping to be quick. They've always done my two-sided business cards :)
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    Hi Kathy! GL with your business :)
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    Best answer to: 'Should I publish my rates on my site?'

    I agree with the above, however I think with VAs it's a real grey area. Yeah it might take a client a little longer to get a quote by e-mailing but I feel that would mean they really are interested in working with you. I also feel that by having prices on your site, it allows competitors to...
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    Need help, client wants work samples?

    I am an SEO and Social Media consultant and I have a client who is very interested in working with me. They called me this morning and asked for work samples. What would I send for SEO and Social Media as work samples? I'm slightly confused because that's mostly a back-end kind of job...
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    Naming My Company

    That's actually very interesting. I wish I had those two references when I was naming my business. :)
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    When do you tell potential clients your rates

    Re: When do you tell portential clients your rates I have some rates posted on my site. If I have a special running or a combined rate for a package, I will list that on my site. However I do have a price list PDF that I send to my clients which includes all of my prices as a whole. I...
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    signed up that new client...

    I recently signed up a client and am currently working on their blog posts. It is a topic that I am semi-familiar with and it takes me about 2-2.5 hours to write the blog post. (I do have to do some research and organize all of my notes into a post.) And that's with a topic I am partially...
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    Hello from Austin, Texas

    I know how it is with the kids -- I have a 5.5 year old and a 7.5 year old going on 17! It's hard to work on your business with kids those ages, they always demand attention, but my tip is..keep them busy so they don't bother you! :) It is convenient, though! Good luck with your business!
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    Tell 1st client (s)he's my first?

    I don't tell clients specifically that I work a day job. However I do tell them that I am a single mom and I am working on another project between the hours of (enter hours here) so they know when I am busy and when I am available. I too worry that if I tell them I have another job they would...
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    Still In The Startup Phase

    You seem pretty well off right now with the start up of your business! Just definitely focus mainly on your welcome packet, rates and website -- since you do have a client already. Once that client works with you, you may have more referrals from that one client. If you have any questions...