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    Found My Niche, but not sure if it is in demand...

    Hi Sonja. I know exactly what you're dealing with. Our business is co-owned by myself and my husband. He did the paralegal services but has since had to back out and concentrate on his full-time job. Long story short, I was spread out too thin and have had to tear everything down and rebuild it...
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    Question Most popular service?

    Sorry, I know this is an old thread, but I'm just trolling for some ideas. We're the odd ones. Though we also offer CEO and admin support, right now we get a lot of calls for mobile notary and real estate signing services. My husband has been a commercial real estate paralegal for nearly...
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    Please review my website?

    Hi Tess. Thanks again for all your help. I've made the decision to just tear it up and start all over again, since really the business is my animal. It's a Wordpress site and I now know enough about WordPress to change things around without blowing up the whole website. My husband designed it...
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    Please review my website?

    You're an angel, Tess! :sunny: I have some time to play with it, since our registered signing clients already know where to get a hold of us. Love your new pic, btw.
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    Lawrence Klinsmann-yet another scam

    Yet another scam. I received this in my in-box, and it sounds like I'm not alone. I checked his LinkedIn account. Though it looks legit, I've already googled the name. Seems a lot of his dead clients have same last names. "Hello I have gone through your profile Linkedin and I find out...
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    Does this sound fishy?

    A new version of the Nigerian Prince scam. For me anything having to do with Craig's List is a red flag.
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    What are your top 3 ways for finding new clients?

    Tess is spot on about not being shy to ask. I could write a laundry list of things I received just by asking, not the least of which was to be a VIP guest of the General's wife at a military ball. (of course it helped that I was a volunteer) What's the worst that can happen? They'll say no?
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    What's on your home office wish list?

    Re: What is on your home office wish list? A double printer. Signing agent packets are on both letter and legal sizes. It's a pain in the rear end to have to print letter size, then stop and change it out for legal size.
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    What are your top 3 ways for finding new clients?

    Hi Liz. I also found at least one spelling error on your website. Somewhere on your ABOUT page you have "per say". It's actually "per se". (Per se is Latin meaning "in and of itself") I really do like your website, especially when you say "I don't bite". It's definitely original and I can...
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    Please review my website?

    Hi everybody. I've been here for a while, but it seems like our mobile notary and signing services are the only services that have done really well, but it's time to take things to the next level. I know I've needed work to our website (we are a husband and wife QJV), and fresh eyes would be...
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    Please review my new website

    Hi Alex, and welcome :welcome::seeya: People hate me when I give feedback because I will nitpick you to pieces. I am also a very out-of-the-box thinker. 1. I like your home page. Very professional looking. You mention that you have 25 years of experience. People go for numbers rather "let my...
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    Hello from Scandinavia

    Welcome! :seeya: Unfortunately I'm not from the Land of the Midnight Sun, but you'll find great people from all over the world here.
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    Hi !

    Hi Chantay, and welcome. These are some great folks. That's a fantastic niche. Job skills are not worth a thing if you can't tell anyone about them. Have you ever been as member of Toastmasters International?
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    E&O Insurance for Notaries

    Paulette, that's DIRT CHEAP, especially when you consider North Carolina is $110 a year for both of us! Even if your state requires you to be bonded (Missouri requires we carry a $10K bond) it wouldn't cover everything. I've heard of malfeasance lawsuits running as high as $200K. If you're...
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    Question Can I offer Notary Services as a Virtual Assistant?

    My husband and I are not only mobile notaries but my husband is also a registered signing agent for Missouri. If you have at least some knowledge of real estate and don't mind going into strangers' houses usually in the evenings, Registered Signing Agent might be something to consider. The...
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    Very Cool (free!) Social Media Icons

    Thanks for sharing these! I'm in the process of upgrading our website and had no idea where to find these. :)
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    Question Advice for New Notary?

    FINALLY figured out how to get on with N3. It's [email protected] I had typed it in with .com. They have sent me a contract to look over and sign. I will need 1) a scanned copy of my driver's license (or state ID) 2) a scanned copy of my commission. 3) a background check. I will call...
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    Question Notaries--anybody do "hospital" signings?

    Thanks, Tess. As a matter of fact I've found some good info on National Notary Association (NNA)'s website. I haven't found much on that particular subject yet, but they have blogs on just about every subject. In fact, I highly recommend that anyone who offers a notary service get on with...
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    Question Advice for New Notary?

    Sorry it took so long to get back. I know that South Carolina considers it UPL (unauthorized practice of law--take that very seriously btw) to do a registered signing without an attorney. There are no signing agents in SC. If it's a South Carolina document, the signer would very often come...
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    What are you learning right now?

    Taking the course to become a registered signing agent. My husband already is one. Mobile notary and signing agent services so far are the only two services that are taking off in our business. There's some good money to be made, as much as $200 a pop, but you should have at least some real...