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  1. Blue Gem Business Support SVCS

    Hootsuite Certification

    Hey everybody, I received an email from Hootsuite marketing their Hootsuite University. It's a series of courses that is available to learn more about the program and ultimately gaining the Hootsuite Certification. Here is the website My question is would it be...
  2. Blue Gem Business Support SVCS

    Website Review Request

    Hey Everyone, I would like for ya'll to review my website and give feedback. Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks! :seeya: Shaval
  3. Blue Gem Business Support SVCS

    Can General Admin Tasks be packaged?

    Hey everyone, I am in the start-up phase of my business and I am doing a lot of research and fine tuning as I go along. I have read a lot of threads here about the pros and cons of charging by the hour and by creating packages. I admit I do like the advantages of charging clients by package...
  4. Blue Gem Business Support SVCS

    Hey from New Orleans, LA!

    Hey Ya'll, I am new to this industry and I came across this website by doing internet research and I am glad I did! I have found a wealth of information here and I have just started my business at the beginning of this year. I have had one client so far and am interested in acquiring more. So...