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    Google Analytics Disappeared from Wordpress

    Hello I have a client who regularly viewed Google Analytics on her Wordpress dashboard. She has not been able to as of late, and it's not my area of expertise. Some forums suggested she deactivate all of her plugins, then reactivate the one that controls Google Analytics, but that did not...
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    Feedback for my website? (finally)

    Hi Aiyana, Very comprehensive and well laid out! Following is my constructive critique of suggestions from my experience on your site. I feel your front page header rotates too quickly and is distracting for my taste. Your pages are slow to load (ie...
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    company name

    Hello! I like Thrive Virtual Business Services - it has a very professional ring to it and rolls off the tongue easier than the other.
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    My desktop is dead

    I just learned the hard way that backing up to an external hard drive is not foolproof. I had a failing Toshiba laptop so I did a complete system backup to a Toshiba Canvio external hard drive. Toshiba replaced the hard drive in the laptop (the third time it was sent away for service for...
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    Question Timing jobs?

    Hi Sarah No issues whatsoever - I love it! I export reports to one client so that he can bill his clients accordingly. It is so versatile, I use it for all of my retainer clients to keep me on track and aware of when I need to bill for additional hours used. One feature that I wish it...
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    Logo Design Round 2-Finals!

    Hi Amy, I like them both, but am leaning more towards the gold. I would remove the DD from the star leaving VA to stand out.
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    Question Help with Logo Design!

    I like the blue, but agree withe Lisa about changing the color of the badge. Great job!
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    Question Timing jobs?

    I use the free version of Toggl to track my hours by client, by project. They have great reporting that assists me in my billing (including exporting capabilities). One of my client uses my Toggl report to prepare his billing as it shows how much time I have spent working with each of his...
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    What do you think of the name and tagline?

    Hi there! Although, I think the name and tag line are catchy, with all the press lately on gun control (I live in Colorado) it may have more of a negative than a positive connotation for some people. Enjoy that wine!
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    Question Skype quality issues

    Thank you all for your fabulous input. I will begin the process of elimination with some of the suggestions and see if I can figure this out. Some days on some calls the clarity is great - and then other days I feel like an antennae tilting my head this way and that trying to get better...
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    Hi Jenny! Welcome! You have landed in a wonderful place - if ever you have a question, check the forums, if it isn't already answered there, just make a new post. I am always amazed at the wealth of information that the members of this forum hold and how helpful everyone is. Congrats on...
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    Question Skype quality issues

    Hello I frequently use Skype to communicate with my clients and their customers too. I experience constant call quality issues, and am unsure whether it is related to my headset (Plantronics Voyager Pro) or Skype. What experience do you have with call quality issues using Skype? And do...
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    First Business type meeting

    Follow Taya's excellent advice, and print out some business cards at home - the pre-cut cards are readily available at most office supply stores with pre-formatted templates. At the very least you could print a one page flyer, however, it will be more awkward to hand out a flyer that they...
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    Question How to Overcome the "I need a person in the office" argument

    Hi Denice, Offer him a one or two week trial at an "introductory rate" so that he can dip his toes in the water to see how it goes. If you can get the opportunity to show him what is possible, he may become a convert! Layout a proposal of how you would accomplish what he needs done (with...
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    Local Client Brought Toddler to Appointment

    Hi A L I would suspect that what you encountered is an isolated issue - but it would be interesting to hear what others have experienced. As a VA, my consultations have been almost exclusively by phone too, but I have scheduled my local appointments at a local coffee shop or restaurant...
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    Feeling the Energy

    Hello Sorry that I missed the call yesterday. If you don't mind sharing, what was your most important "take-away" from the session? Ride that wave of energy - it's really exciting to put all the pieces together and launch your new business!
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    Hello from New Hampshire

    Welcome back! May this year be filled with great adventure and joy for you and your business! I tried to sneak a peak at your website, but the link does not appear to be working.
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    Question Help with Business name and Logo design!!!

    Hi Olivia, Choosing a name can be a very difficult process! There is so much emotion and hope and uncertainty involved in the decision. The first word that came to mind when I read your Ms Managed was "mismanaged", however after a pause, I did see your intended pun. I like the name Office...
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    Hello from nj!

    Nebizgirl, We'd love an update! How did your first client meeting go?
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    Question Is anyone going to 2013 IVAA Live Summit?

    Hi Nichole, I did not have my business started and was in the exploration phase when I attended Vavs last Fall. I regret that I chose the cheapest option, and did not get the opportunity to have the replays of the webinars available to me. I took copious notes, and referred to them often -...