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    What tools like hootsuite do you use?

    I'm now on Buffer since I find it more appropriate for social media. I tried 2 SW in the past but I think Buffer seems to be the one I can lean on at the moment. However, if you are looking for more options, maybe this list could help. It's a Google spreadsheet of over 20 tools along with its...
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    Best sites for Social Media Posting?

    You should try LinkedIn since you are looking for employers. Basically the site is for professionals and business wannabes. Just sign up a free account (I would prefer using your personal email) and post a resume-format info about yourself..then link all your social media accounts into your...
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    Question Elance - A good way to find VA jobs?

    I also have an Elance account but I only used it for other purposes, not for applying jobs or anything like what you are looking for. Best sites I could suggest other than Elance are the following: Odesk (part time and full time) Fiverr 99designs (only if you're good at graphic/web...
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    Where to start with SEO?

    I'd recommend this - That's where I started learning about SEO. Definitely a helpful site for SEO beginners.
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    Is there a good online image editing service? is a perfect site if you need online image editing.. (Been using it for several months now)
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    Question Companies Hiring Full-time Virtual Assistants

    Re: Companies Hiring Full-time VA's Are you looking for work as a full time VA? If so, these sites are worth it to try: - more focused on full-time hires (accepts part time jobs as well) Odesk - best for hourly based work Elance - generally a bit higher priced than other sites...
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    LinkedIn Invites

    At a first glance, you wouldn't really understand the buttons on Linkedin since they are quite different compared to other social networking sites. For instance, when you are editing a page (adding a member to become and admin) on Linkedin, you will not see a "Save" button, instead what appears...
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    Is there a good online image editing service?

    Haven't used an online app for photo editing. Never thought of using one at the moment since I love the features of Gimp!
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    What's your favorite CRM?

    I tried using Salesforce long time ago and it was a good software to use for CRM. What I like with Salesforce is it offers educational and informative blogs and article posts, it routinely does educational webinars, hosts its own YouTube channel complete with videos covering a full spectrum of...
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    Anyone else use Trello?

    Actually, everything boils down to your preference and "wants". If all the features of the software are beneficial to you then go for it. Personally, I haven't used Trello but I heard it's a good software for project management. In my case though, I use Basecamp for over 2 years now since...
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    Following Back on Twitter

    I don't know if there's a tool for this but if someone has an idea, please share it. :)
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    Bill Software

    I am now using Freshbooks for billing.
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    Question Best software to keep up with my business finances?

    QuickBooks is a good one to use. A lot of people are using it nowadays.
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    In addition to the list, here's a more detailed one I found on a blog: It's a comparison of more than 10 SaaS time tracking software with its features, integration, pricing etc. I guess you can edit the sheet if you...
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    Question Recommendation for Billing Clients

    I use Paypal to take payments from clients as it is the most trusted payment gateway ( I think) today. However, if there are problems with their service (PayPal) I use CC as my secondary option. But if you feel like you need more options other than using PayPal or other services out there, I...
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    Buffer vs Hootsuite

    I've tried both software but I've had so much satisfaction with Buffer App. Although I'm not saying that Hootsuite is not a good one to try but I think it depends on how you want to use the app that makes you more satisfied with all its features.
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    Operations manual.

    That's a good point to consider. I will inform our team to have a manual for our day to day operations. Thanks for this thread! :)
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    Project Management Software

    I'm using Basecamp at the moment but you can try other software too like Asana, Trello or GetFlow.
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    Has anyone used the website FreshBooks?

    Hi ekassistant! Freshbooks is actually a good software for invoicing but I'm not really sure if their 'time tracking' is quite as good as those programs that are meant only for time tracking. In my case, I've been using Time Doctor software for almost 2 years now and I would say that it's...
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    Wireless Headsets

    Same here. I had a wireless headset before but I have used it for just a week. The battery life isn't much a benefit if you are using this kind of headset.