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  1. StarLeaf

    Can anyone recommend a great CPA?

    I couldn't find a thread about this, and I didn't see any rule against asking for recommendations, so I apologize if I'm breaking some forum rule, but I really need help finding a good CPA to handle my taxes. Over the past 5 years, I've tried a local company, done my taxes myself online, and...
  2. StarLeaf

    Joomla Wordpress plugin

    Hi all, I need direction from someone who is familiar with Joomla and Wordpress. I installed Wordbridge on my Joomla site to pull in posts from my Wordpress blog, but it calls for the Wordpress database address and host, etc. I didn't install Wordpress, just signed up for the free blog site...
  3. StarLeaf

    Another free PDF to Word service

    I really like Just upload the pdf, give em your email and they send you the word doc. I've been very pleased with the results, and it's fast!
  4. StarLeaf

    Cancellation Clause?

    I have a prospective client who requested a cancellation clause in the agreement I sent them. I've searched for an example of one but can't find what I want. Does anyone put a cancellation clause in their contract, in case the VA or the client wants to end the relationship before the agreement...
  5. StarLeaf

    Should I pay for a listing in AT&T online Yellow Pages?

    Just wondering if anyone has, and if it was worth it. Their sales rep called me after I put up my free listing and ran a huge spiel about how he can guarantee me (uh huh, right!) sales. I almost hung up on him. They want 295/mo to do it, and claim they'll set up a web page for me as well...
  6. StarLeaf

    Learn to read faster

    I know I could sure use this skill! I have so much to read I feel like it'll take til Christmas! I love that they have sales and marketing reading tests. Learn a little bit of valuable information while you get tested on your reading speed! :happydance: Reading tests Enjoy! Sam
  7. StarLeaf

    Tax changes to LLC starting Jan 1, 2009

    Can someone smarter than me tell me what this means? I found it here... IRS Website Recent Changes In August 2007, final regulations (T.D. 9356) were issued requiring single member LLCs (SMLLCs) to be treated as the taxpayer for employment tax and excise tax obligations. The SMLLC will...
  8. StarLeaf

    Name idea

    OK I'm still narrowing my target market, but I know it's in the Organic/Natural products industry, probably the manufacturing and marketing companies. So how does the name "Treehouse Administrative Services" sound? I'd shorten it to Treehouse Admin in conversations, I think. My husband...
  9. StarLeaf

    How to increase your rank in the search engines

    I found this article while doing some research on my target market. I found it very useful. Hopefully you folks will too. :) Enjoy! Sam
  10. StarLeaf

    Prospect letter - Feedback please?

    OK here's my first draft (well, not first, I've edited it several times) of a letter I plan to send to prospects in my chosen niche, which is sort of twofold: Environmental Conservation/Reclamation groups and small natural product manufacturers such as makers of soy candles, natural soap/lotion...
  11. StarLeaf

    ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter

    Has anyone ever used this software, or had a client ask for this type of service? I was thinking it might be a nice service to offer, but I admit I'm a BlackBerry newbie, I've never used one so I don't know if this would be something the users would need or not... Thanks! Sam ps...
  12. StarLeaf

    Feedback on a name please?

    OK I've been immersed in research and development of my VA business for only a couple of weeks, but I have an idea that I like and I keep coming back to it... I would be most grateful for your feedback. My niche is still up in the air, so no idea on my target market. My idea seems to target...
  13. StarLeaf

    Greetings from Green Country! (Tulsa)

    Hi Everyone! I'm Samantha, a new VA in Oklahoma. I've been doing research into the VA profession and trying to find my niche, and was getting a bit frustrated, when I met a new friend who directed me to this fantastic forum! Thank you so much Brianna! :) I've found so much useful information...