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  1. moiraesfate

    Quickbooks question

    Sorry, industry terms, I think. Refers to payments mostly. I tried to make it clear but get caught in it sometimes. As you know, I've worked in hotels for many many years. The accountant for a company has hired me to help. I tried to avoid posting here because it's an hourly position but it...
  2. moiraesfate

    Quickbooks question

    Oh oh oh... please. I'm ready to pull my hair out. I spent 4 hours today trying to find an error in an invoice on April 3. It kept saying that I had only $80 left to post on the invoice but I actually had almost $600 left to post. I'm sorry, I hadn't checked this in a few days. So the way that...
  3. moiraesfate

    New clients for client

    Advertising, create a facebook page for her that should be updated two to three times a week, get involved in forums about her business on her behalf, create a blog for her business, etc. She should go to networking events too for her focus (you can but its not nearly as good as if she does it...
  4. moiraesfate

    Quickbooks question

    Getting frustrated with this program. Online version. Can I search inside invoices for individual postings without ONLY using the amount. Meaning... can I create a report that will allow me to see the memo notes associated with the posting? I'm trying to cross reference an existing database...
  5. moiraesfate

    Ex-Zirtual VA - need advice!

    You're welcome. I think being respectful is something that is falling by the way side in the modern world. I asked because it is her web site and I didn't want her to feel as though I was promoting something I shouldn't be. The first time I tried to open a Virtual Assistant company, Tess...
  6. moiraesfate

    Quickbooks advice

    Ooo, thank you for the website. It looks very useful.
  7. moiraesfate

    Quickbooks advice

    I'm sure there will be those who tell you that you don't really need to know much. I suppose Quickbooks will do most of the work for you. But personally I would say that it would be very helpful to know the concepts behind what you are doing and why you are doing it. I took accounting in college...
  8. moiraesfate

    Ex-Zirtual VA - need advice!

    Thanks Tess. I just didn't want to violate a rule or anything. CNN Article Startup Co Article I will be quite honest... having now been out of work for three...
  9. moiraesfate

    Ex-Zirtual VA - need advice!

    You may like to reconsider that. I found an article on CNN that states Wil Schroter, CEO of will buy Zirtual and relaunch. According to the article, the owner felt it was expanding too quickly and was spending more money than it was taking in. There is also a note that the owner was...
  10. moiraesfate

    Are Bloggers The Key For Customer Engagement Success?

    In the modern world, being active on social media is so important that there are people hired specifically to do the job. Everyone is connected now, it's important that your customers feel they have a direct line to you.
  11. moiraesfate

    Is this possible in current Facebook interface?

    I'm a little curious as to why you would want a Facebook account that you don't actually use. The point of Facebook is to keep in contact with people, keep it updated. Social media has become so incredibly important. If you look at the others people pages, they are likely updated their Facebook...
  12. moiraesfate

    Question Internet Research vs. Looking For A Person

    If they are older and on't have much contact with the internet, its often hard to find information. I had added some cousins on my dad's side to my facebook page and didn't think much of it. Then was suddenly contacted by a VERY VERY old friend from when I was in grade 1. I honestly barely...
  13. moiraesfate

    Question Internet Research vs. Looking For A Person

    My mum spent most of her life researching our family genealogy. Before she died, she had enough information that she was able to write and sell an 800 page book on it. She hit a wall in the 1500's, though. Apparently during WW2, the area of our family that lived in Germany at one time had almost...
  14. moiraesfate

    I feel like I need more information from a practical perspective This book would explain everything to you easily. It's from this forum but there is a charge associated.
  15. moiraesfate

    Question Team Viewer Remote Desktop

    I have, though not for my own business. I was Assistant General Manager at a hotel and they kept having issues. Trying to walk people through checking computer issues when they barely know how to surf the net is extremely difficult. I installed Team Viewer so that I could access their computer...
  16. moiraesfate

    What version of Explorer should be used

    The only place I use Internet Explorer is at work, and that's only because the main program they use won't work with any other browser. Internet Explorer is full of bloat ware. That being said, most people do use it. I use Chrome. If you'd rather keep using IE 9, does Adobe Esign say that...
  17. moiraesfate

    Hey from New Orleans, LA!

    Hey Shaval, Welcome to the forums. I sent you a private message. Look to the top right beneath your login name and follow the links. :) Melissa
  18. moiraesfate

    Whitespace and marketing

    Thank you Jill. :) That's the point I think, it doesn't feel balanced if it's a really long page of mostly white space and it doesn't get the message across. You want to catch and keep peoples interest. If you can't, because their eyes see mostly white space, you've immediately lost them. White...
  19. moiraesfate

    Privacy issue

    Hi Miss K, sorry you ended up having to pay that. I still think its wrong. Actually, if I put in my zip code (same thing as a postal code), it will display the city but not the actual address in the US. That's quite expensive to hide your address. To get a website, you do have to supply your...
  20. moiraesfate

    Strength in numbers or better as a lone ranger?

    There are alot of VA's that work as a team, just remember that it will effect the amount of money you take home for yourself since you have to pay them too and they will likely not accept just a small amount. Also, since you are new, it is very unlikely you will be set up as a team immediately...