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    What are your top 3 ways for finding new clients?

    Hi Liz - Hopefully, this information will add some insight. 1) Personally, I have never liked the idea of using Craigslist for my business. At best I'd find people who wouldn't value what I had to offer and wanted to get me "on the cheap," such as the guy who wanted you for a one time...
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    DUNN and Bradstreet does a VA need this?

    Hi Vanessa - I recall looking into it when I started my business, and my understanding is that D&B is beneficial but only if you are looking to get a business credit line of some kind, because the D&B # is somehow related to credit reporting. A potential good resource to learn a lot of...
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    Phone Call Monitoring Software

    I would imagine that they would. :)
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    Phone Call Monitoring Software

    Hey everyone - I'm wondering if anyone uses, has used, or is familiar with any Phone Call Monitoring Software. I have a client who wants to be able to monitor the calls of another VA. NOT because he thinks she is doing anything wrong. Quite the contrary - because he's sure she's doing...
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    Client wants me in on-site 5 days/wk

    Janine is spot on. What she says about this seeming a lot like an employee-employer relationship seems pretty apparent. This can cause problems with the IRS for both him and for you. Here is the section of the IRS information related to this...
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    Resource Great Book Resource!

    Just wanted to jump in here, as a cautionary measure, and say that we have to be careful when getting books that likely have outdated information - especially related to legal information and taxes. This one was copyright 2011, and Nadia's post is now also about 8 months older, on top of that...
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    Question Do you have your clients initial every page of your contract or agreement?

    I don't have them sign or initial each page. I also use electronic signature with Right Signature. The other's may do this too, like Janine's EchoSign. I've never checked if they do this, but I like it because I can add little initial boxes next to certain paragraphs or sections when I want...
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    The Rant of the Angry Virtual Assistant - VAF Community Blogs

    @Jersey - I agree with you 100% - and I am so happy that April stepped up and wrote that blog post. Not to be sounding like I am bragging, because I mention the following only to explain why this kind of thing also gets under my skin. I paid a lot of dues to get to where I am, and it does...
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    Do you use a tablet?

    I have to agree with the above. I have a tablet, but it would never replace my laptop, and like Cynthia said...not good for the "real" work. I like to use my tablet with a handwriting-to- text app so I can take notes when I meet with people or attend events. It saves me a lot of time, and...
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    Software Tool for Displaying Packages

    Oh...well then that's easy. I can code a problem if that's how everyone does those. Thanks Rene. I suspected that, but then again, never know what cool things people come up with to make super short work of things. Maybe I should invent something. :)
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    Trying to Find Clients Through My Niche

    Richard - You've received amazing advice already. As Rene and the other person who does not have a name on their post stated, it is important to know who you would want to work with, and what industries you would want to work in, and also what skills you have that they - in those particular...
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    Software Tool for Displaying Packages

    Does anyone know if people use a particular tool for displaying pricing packages? You know how some have the 2 or 3 packages displayed, with checkmarks and buy buttons? Thanks for any input. I can't seem to determine the search term to search on.
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    Electronic Signature Software

    Thank you both very much! I checked it out and it looks like I have a plan. :)
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    Electronic Signature Software

    Does anyone use an electronic signature software that you can recommend?
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    Question Billing for Event Planning

    I agree 100% with Rachael. Never hourly. You would charge as you would for any other type of project. Short term might be 25% or 50% down, with balance upon completion - or perhaps one payment in between depending on duration. For longer term - 50% down, some percentage at specific intervals...
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    Question How can I get more followers for my clients Facebook page?

    I went out to the web and typed in the search terms Facebook Pharmacy and as one example of the pages that were returned was this one. There were also a lot of actual pharmacies - and their audience is their customers - and while this one is not exactly still what your client does it might give...
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    Question How can I get more followers for my clients Facebook page?

    The first question you may want to ask yourself is if Facebook is even a venue where these people come to and hang out. How many quality and organic likes do you have so far? How much interaction is currently happening. Are all of the people - or most - the people who are in his sphere of...
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    LinkedIn Connecting

    I do...every time. And honestly if I don't recognize the name of someone who wants to connect with me and they don't at least say a few words to me I ignore them.
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    Nice...glad to see you have a reliable program that checks this kind of thing. I'm gonna have to get this tool. :)
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    Would be a great idea. Unfortunately, this particular site seems to have a lot of complaints against it. Some of these types of sites that claim to protect our content are actually harvesting it. I'm not saying that this one is, but in searching on My Free Copyright, it pulls up a lot of...