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  1. SaprinaD

    PO Boxes

    this is an informative thread, I have been playing with the idea of getting a box, but now I dont think I need one.
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    Resource Credit Card Processing Option

    I also use paypal, it links with my freshbooks account. I have been using them for a long while and I have never had a problem
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    Question How do I implement time tracking and the hourly billing?

    I use the timer on Freshbooks to keep track of each client. Its great and makes invoicing super simple and fast. For prepay/retainer clients I send a update bi-weekly of how much time I have used. For pay as you go clients I invoice bi-weekly for hours used.
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    Do you refer to yourself as a 'Virtual Assistant'?

    I use Virtual administrative support or virtual marketing consultant since my nitch is marketing consulting
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    Best answer to: 'Should I publish my rates on my site?'

    Great article. If I am shopping for something and the website has no price I am much more likely to move on.
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    MailChimp versus Aweber – Which one is right for you?

    I have been using Mailchimp for a long time and I love it. I have a client who uses Aweber and I am not impressed.
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    How Many Clients do You Have?

    wow 50 clients, thats impressive. I currently have 1 retainer client who is about 5 hours a week.
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    Question Private client log-in area

    I have a client clog in area and I use it for client. Once they sign the contract i send them the password and ask them to log on and complete the intake form, its embedded on the page. I also provide on the client log in page an area that has client resources such as policy, copies of my...
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    How to profoundly impress your clients every time

    Great blog post. Amazing customer service should be a top concern
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    Travel Services

    I am interested in branching off into "personal Concierge" type services. Were do you guys find these clients? Are they your normal admin clients and you do these things every now once and a while for? Or do you have clients who us your services exclusively for travel/concierge services?
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    Question Wedding/Events Assistance

    I originally set out to specialize in wedding/event planning but I struggled to generate interest so i am curious to see how its working for anyone who offers this service.
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    Feedback on website/logo

    I love th logo and I think the site is clean and well put togather
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    Time tracking?

    I use Frshbooks, so far its great! I only have two clients and so I am still using the free version.
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    Question Email Questionnaire for new client info

    I find that google Docs is great for this
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    How to establish my pricing....

    This calculator is a great tool! It really helped me to figure out where I need to me with my rate. Very Helpful thak you for posting it!
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    Elance or Odesk Clients

    I'm still in the planning stages but I have been doing small jobs on Elance and odesk, I was wondering if any of you that work with these sites so you treat these clients like "real" clients? Like do you send welcome packets, contracts ect?
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    Resource Two Scholarships available

    This is great thank you for posting this. I just applied and the website is super helpful!
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    Is Elance a good source for job leads?

    I have been using elance for a while. I have put a lot of time and effort into writing proposals with little results.
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    Question Self-supporting Virtual Assistant Business

    This thread is very encouraging, I am a single mom who recently lost my job. Figure now is the best time to really get my business off the ground!
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    Free Stuff 30 Day Landing Page Course (free)

    I just signed up, Looks like it might be something helpful!