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    Question for those who provide social media services

    How do you keep up with posting for your own business? I am very busy keeping my client's profiles / postings active, but if prospects click to my profiles, my own postings are sparse. I almost feel like removing the links to my profiles on my website :blush2:
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    PO Boxes

    I like having a separate USPS p.o. box which also allows me to use the street address of the post office on my sales materials.
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    Buffer vs Hootsuite

    I use Hootsuite and Buffer, but I prefer Hootsuite. I like being able to monitor mentions, RT etc without having to log in to the specific social media channel.
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    Question What online software did you use in Social Media Marketing as a Beginner

    Re: What online softwares did you use in Social Media Marketing as a Beginner My favorite is Hootsuite, but I use Buffer as well.
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    Article How to Stop the Time Suck of Customer Relationships

    I found this article just after I signed my second client and definitely have to take the author's advice. Hope it is helpful to newbies and oldies :laugh3:
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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    I understand and agree to the terms of service. Doris