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    Would love your opinions!

    Thanks everyone for your kind words:D
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    Ideas for elevator speech?

    Just signed up - looking forward to working through this - thanks!!
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    Article Networking checklist

    Great checklist - never thought about getting my own name badge great tip. I'm also starting to work on my elevator speech - anyone want to share theirs as an example?
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    Local Chamber of Commerce

    That's a great idea - will go and look up my local chamber right now! Thanks for the advice
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    Hello from Canada!

    definitely! It would be great to meet up for a coffee! I work full time at the moment but could meet at weekends or I have a couple of days vacation booked in the middle of June - just let me know!
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    Would love your opinions!

    just seen your source link - another link to add to my bookmarks - thanks!
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    Would love your opinions!

    thanks Bobbi Jo - have changed that too!
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    Would love your opinions!

    Hi guys! I've made the changes - what do you think? I see your point about the centred homepage - especially when I get round to adding a side bar it will definitely look odd! Thanks again for your help!
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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    I have read and understood the terms
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    Would love your opinions!

    Thanks guys for the feedback...will go and do some tweaking!
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    Hello from Canada!

    Hi Jennifer and Leslie! I'm in sunny Surrey! Get yourself over here Jennifer!! Whereabouts are you Leslie?
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    Is there a good online image editing service?

    ipiccy is a good online photo editor substitute for Photoshop and I love canva to produce graphics for blogs/social media posts.
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    Free Photos

    Thanks everyone for the new sources, I've been using pixabay but it's good to have a few different sites!
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    What's your favorite CRM?

    I've just started to use soho but not really gelling with it so might take a look at insightly and also that link above! Thanks!!
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    Feedback on business name

    I really like it! Can't wait to see your logo! lol
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    Would love your opinions!

    Hi - I'm new to the forum and have just read some of the posts below and would love it if you could take a quick look at my website - I built it myself and am open to all comments - the good, the bad and the ugly! I haven't set up my blog page yet - that's stage 2!
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    First Website - Be Gentle!

    I like the colour scheme and the overall clean look - agree with amylynn's comments. Well done on producing your own site - it feels good doesn't it?!!
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    Part time?

    Hi - I just started building my business whilst working full time and have been on a VA coaching program with a VA who did this initially too and she was very successful - her tip was to ask for deadlines on projects rather than give out business hours. Hoping to use that advice soon!
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    Hello from Canada!

    Hi Shy! welcome to you too! and thanks for the comment on my business name - it was actually my husband that came up with it whilst we were in the pub one day!
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    Hello from Fulshear (Houston area)

    Hi Kira - welcome! I just joined too - its exciting isn't it! Hope to see you around the boards!