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    Website Live-Please review

    Hi Rachel, Everything looks great that I can see! Congratulations on getting your website up and running.
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    Overwhelmed with building a website

    Thank you so much for your responses! I will look into headway this weekend and see if I can make any progress!
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    Giddy over this presentation site

    Ohhh....thank you for sharing! This looks like a great source to have bookmarked!
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    Question What is Dropbox

    Thank you everyone for sharing. I have used dropbox once with one client, but it did not come naturally to me. I was used to using google docs. I am definitely going to play around with it this weekend and make sure I understand how to share thing appropriately. Thanks for all of the great tips!
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    Overwhelmed with building a website

    Did you build your own website? I have a wordpress account and own my domain, but that is as far as I have gotten. I am feeling really overwhelmed and intimidated by the whole process. I would like to learn how to use and manipulate wordpress. How did you choose your theme? Did you have someone...
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    New VA Here: My name and tag line - help??

    Patricia, that is a great tag line! I wish you the best of luck!
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    Required Docs

    Thank you for the clarification Cynthia! I just received my EIN number this morning. I really appreciate your help.
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    Wireless Headset Recommendations

    Oh, I have been looking into getting a wireless headset that goes over the ears. Thanks for the recommendation!
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    What is good Customer Service

    Great post, Sam! Simple and effective tips!
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    What are your Holiday Policies?

    I never thought about holiday notices. Do you have this stated in your signed contracts? I have mostly been project base or low enough retainer hours that it has not yet been an issue for me, but I do have some potential new clients that this will be something I need to have decided.
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    Looking for a sample letter

    Thank you for the links Darlene! DocStoc seems expensive, but perhaps that is the going rate? Do you just use them for inspiration?
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    Big news from Pinterest. New Business Pages!

    Oh, just more ways to stay connected and I just LOVE Pinterest! Thanks for sharing!
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    Question Have you deveoped a Business Plan for your VA business?

    Great advice leedrozak! I am wishing I would have taken more time. So far all of my clients have been referrals and I have not needed to have a solid business plan, contracts, forms etc...but now I have a new referral client who wants to see all of this and I am scrambling.
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    What Calendar can I use (besides Google)

    I have just been using google, but all of my clients were in the same time zone. What did you end up using?
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    Free course on Excel for Small Business

    Thank you for sharing. I have been meaning to brush up on my Excel training.
  16. K 30% off through 7/20

    I have heard great things about MOO. How many business cards did you initially purchase?
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    Billing for Email & Phone Correspondence Time

    This is a great topic. I am still debating on how to add this to my contract. So much to think about.
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    Tip Great new client experience

    Congratulations! That is great news and thanks for sharing with us!
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    Required Docs

    So we need to send a 1099 and a W-9? I have to work on getting my EIN ASAP! I have just been using my social security. Thanks!
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    Taxes are confusing me.

    Hi, I am sure this has been answered, but I am horribly confused. If I have a client who is going to be paying me monthly on retainer what form do I need to send to them? My business is as a sole proprietor. Thank you!