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    mobile data question?

    Please be patient with me. I already have a phone with a number on it. I wouldn't mind my tablet having data mobile ability , but I don't really want a new phone number to keep up with. What are my options? Edit: Just found out that my...
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    Best resource to learn Kubernetes?

    I’ve currently a cloud sysadmin looking to transition into a more cloud engineering/DevOps role Learn Kubernetes, I have just finished a docket course on udemy and feel fairly confident with docker now. I’m looking to learn Kubernetes now before I move on to learning Terraform. I normally...
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    Yet another what flooring should I get thread?

    I'm renovating a kitchen, and will need to decide on what flooring style to get in 2021. This requires flooring to be ran through kitchen, dining area, living room, and hallways. 650 square foot, to be exact. I'm experienced in installing laminate flooring. My opinion on laminate flooring...
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    Video From Virtual Assistant To Being A Full-Time Affiliate Marketer (Real Estate Niche)

    I just only want to ask how much do affiliate marketers make in one month?
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    Need Branding for your business count me in.

    also have a look at this how much do affiliate marketers make
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    Looking for Party Bus Services

    Hi guys, I am looking for a party bus charter in Singapore. Does anyone have any recommendations like this one Http://Www.ArlingtonTxPartyBus.Com? Thanks.
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    5 Effective Content Writing Tips

    Hello everyone, I would like to share a good online service where you can order writing essays on various topics, I have been using this service for a very long time and am very pleased with the result of the work done
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    Career Questions for Embedded Engineers

    I graduated from AUT with BEngTech - Electronics in 2018. I have been struggling to find any real electronics engineering positions, and want to transition to focusing on Embedded as my career path. Do I need to go back to Uni to make myself attractive to employers? Is it a bad idea to only...
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    How to Start a Waist Trainer Business

    thanks in advance for any help
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    cross core coatings question?

    Will promotional coatings be available for cross-core when it happens with Coatings surveillance Melbourne? Like the northwest sky, redshift, zeta sky, HCS, and wall breacher. I'm worried they won't be
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    Current State of War Robots

    What do you think of it? I think it is terrible. Whatever happened to robot vs robot fighting? Nowadays, the game has so many special effects, that it can bring a seizure to a healthy person. Not only are the effects over the top, but they are getting spammed so often. war robots mod apk Many...
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    blog about binary option, cryptocurrencies, forex strategies

    i also a blog on the same topic check this also best-automated crypto trading platform australia
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    School Bus or Charter Bus???

    I've been encouraged to find guest transportation to our wedding due to the number of out-of-town guests and the parking situation downtown (there are only garages- the nearest garage is a 2-minute walk) . The hotels are 15 minutes from the venue. So I found...
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    Struggling with my property / real estate niche!

    I found also that real estate agents tend to want a cheap assistant. Back when I was looking for employment, I went into a luxury real estate office for an interview. A two-person team wanted to hire an assistant and they interviewed me together. I was surprised when they told me they only...
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    Minecraft server question

    I'm hosting a server with a program through the Minecraft site and it's working fine but my Nat type is strict. Will others with a strict Nat be able to join my server? Minecraft Vanilla Servers Another question is how do I change my server Ip?
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    How to Start a Waist Trainer Business

    Are you looking for a business idea that is fun, trendy, and profitable? If so, starting a waist trainer business could be the perfect option for you. Waist trainers are becoming increasingly popular, and there is a growing demand for them. In this article, we will provide you with everything...
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    Best Epoxy garage floor coating

    I am purchasing a house in a couple of weeks with a 3-car garage (750sqft) and I want to coat the garage floor. I plan to clean and etch the floor with muriatic acid first but I would like to get opinions on which kit to go with epoxy garage flooring phoenix. I see great reviews on the Rustoleum...
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    Grinding concrete

    Prepping for an epoxy floor in a residential basement. Currently grinding concrete with a rented grinder, we stripped off old mastic floor adhesive, and under that is a coating of tar over the concrete. The diamond ********* we use was working well but after a few hours, the tar starts “melting”...
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    Party Bus Strip Tour...

    I'm interested in a party bus strip tour without the need for all the club-hopping. We'd like to do one of the tours that include the Vegas sign, the fountains, The Mirage, downtown, and all of the same things that a strip tour includes, but we want to do it on a party bus or something similar...
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    Train etiquette

    Hello, fellow Melbournians, Is anyone else noticing the lack of train etiquette nowadays? business etiquette online I’m tired of being pushed and shoved by some impatient person while getting on and off trains. But the one thing that gets my blood boiling is the inconsiderate people not moving...