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  1. Rebecka Melson

    Video Tutorial: How to bill for retainers

    Sorry, for the broken link. I had uploaded the file to fileden and if you don't login to your account every so many days it deletes all your files. I will load it again and repost the link.
  2. Rebecka Melson

    No, sorry. I'm not familiar with that software.

    No, sorry. I'm not familiar with that software.
  3. Rebecka Melson

    QuickBooks Install Questions...

    You can always go back in and make changes if you make a mistake. If you are a single-member LLC then this is how you should set it up: Industry: General service based business How is your company organized: If using 2009: Select LLC and then single-member, if using an older version this...
  4. Rebecka Melson

    Deposit or No Deposit

    I always charge a deposit from new clients. It's a minimum $100 but could be more depending on the project.
  5. Rebecka Melson

    Office Hours

    I don't have office hours. I prefer to work late at night as well. I have in my contract that I'm only available for phone calls between 9-5pm unless scheduled, but the preferred method is email.
  6. Rebecka Melson

    More Scams in my email

    No, it doesn't. I have 5 email addresses and I get that crap in all of them.
  7. Rebecka Melson

    Credit card Services besides Paypal??

    You have to have a bank account to have a Merchant Account.
  8. Rebecka Melson

    How to share a very large file

    I use for sending large files. You can send up to 5 1GB files per month for free and then they have some paid options after that. I like that it sends me an email confirmation after the other party has downloaded the file.
  9. Rebecka Melson

    Mastering Facebook (NOT!)

    I hated Facebook when I first started using it because I had trouble figuring it all out. I finally got used to it but i swear everytime I start getting comfortable with it they go and switch it all up. They just changed the homepage and the business pages and now I have to figure it out again.
  10. Rebecka Melson

    Question Industry Codes for VA's (SIC or NAICS)?

    I would pick a code that is closest to the service you provide. If transcription is what you are offering then that code would work. My code is related to bookkeeping, but there are some general admin codes too.
  11. Rebecka Melson

    Tip Why I became a Notary (and you may want to)

    I've been a Notary for years, but a background check is not required in OK. However, I am an ERO which means I've been background checked by the IRS which included fingerprinting. I also have been background checked and received security clearance by the OK Bureau of Narcotics. So far I've...
  12. Rebecka Melson

    Question Any Professional Organizers on the board?

    I provide organization services to my local clients. I go in and setup a file system, organize their office and re-arrange it to make it more productive if needed. It's not something I advertise but I get quite of few requests for it. It can be lucrative if you want it to be.
  13. Rebecka Melson

    Question Home Network Setup

    I have a Dell desktop w/ XP Pro and 2 laptops, an older Toshiba w/ XP and a new Toshiba w/ Vista. My computer guy has been telling me to stay away from Vista, but it was a deal I couldn't pass up, so far I haven't had any issues. Anyway, I have the desktop hooked up to my scanner and Brother...
  14. Rebecka Melson

    QB Contractor Edition Question

    You need to create a group in your memorized transactions and then move the memorized invoices to the group. Then each month you can just go in and edit the group to change the date. It will change the date for every invoice in the group. If you have multiple billing dates, like the 1st and...
  15. Rebecka Melson

    PayPal integration with QuickBooks

    Yes, I used the PayPal feature before I switched over to QB Merchant Services. You can download the app through the PayPal website. It downloads a PayPal button onto your home screen and toolbar in QuickBooks. After you create the invoice, you just click on the PayPal button and enter the...
  16. Rebecka Melson

    Question How do you service your bookkeeping clients?

    It varies by client. There is no reason you couldn't do the bookkeeping from home as well. It usually requires setting up a system for obtaining the information. For my local clients I created a portable file system/organizer for them for picking up documents. I bought some heavy duty...
  17. Rebecka Melson

    What's the first thing you do with a new client?

    First, I schedule a phone call with them so I can determine their needs and get a feel for them and whether or not we would be a good fit. Once we decide to proceed, I email them the contract and invoice for the deposit. After I have received the signed contract and deposit I schedule another...
  18. Rebecka Melson

    Is a tag line very useful?

    Re: Is a tag line very uselful? I have one as part of my logo, but honestly I don't know how useful it is. Maybe one of our marketing experts can shed some light on the subject.
  19. Rebecka Melson

    Do you have to report income without a 1099?

    W-2 Income is reported on line 1 of the 1040 and not on the Schedule C. For a list of business deductions download Pub 535 from
  20. Rebecka Melson

    Paymo Time Tracking

    I switched to Paymo a few months ago because MyHours was frequently going down and I needed something more reliable. I like that Paymo has a desktop feature so I don't have to login to the website to use it everytime. I wish the reports were more customizable but other than that I think Paymo...