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  1. bizpromit

    Announcement Full-Time Dedicated Assistants Monthly for $669 USD

    Virtual Assistant services offered for Business and Personal tasks or processes. Full-Time assistants at $669 USD valid for 28 days, subscription. Assistants will be allotted an 8 hours shift, for 5 days a week. In total 160 hours of service for Just $669 USD. Interest visit
  2. Abdou-

    Virtual Agents looking for a home

    We have qualified virtual agents that are looking for a home. Data Entry Appointment Setting Call Transfers Inbound customer services Outbound calls And etc ... These qualified agents do it all. Their is no contracts and it is a week by week billing only 40H minimum is required. The hourly...
  3. W

    Hi from Wantedz

    Hi everyone. I look forward to getting to know you. Cheers Phyllis Wantedz is helping connect freelancers with businesses who are seeking the services of Website developers, graphic designers, virtual assistants, customer support and so much more. If you are interested to see the latest...
  4. A

    New Virtual Assistant

    Hi, I'm new VA. hi to all.:applause:
  5. webmss

    Maryland Secretarial Services

    I have been a member for a little while. I don't remember if I ever introduced myself. I am Cindy Freland and I live in Bowie, Maryland with my family and 110 pound Akita, Athena. I have owned Maryland Secretarial Services, Inc. since 1997. I provide word processing, data entry...
  6. D

    Hello from Central Massachusetts

    Hi there. I'm so happy to have found this forum. From reading some of the posts here, it sounds like the perfect spot for some wonderful information and for bouncing ideas off experienced VA's. I'm the mom of a special needs boy. I have a per diem, very part time job doing something that I...
  7. E

    Hi from Crowley, LA

    Hi everyone, I am excited :happydance: about being here. I have been viewing the post for about a week now and have thourghly enjoyed what I have read so for. Everything has been so useful. Now about me. I have over 12 years experience as a VA (if that is what you want to call it). I have...