1. V

    Downloads from Amazon Ebook??

    Hi everyone! I am so excited to be here. I am a new VA who is currently reading the ebook I purchased from Amazon. The link provided in the book is no longer active and I want to know where I can find those downloads since that is one of the main reasons I purchased the ebook. Any help is...
  2. C

    Question Feedback on Become a Virtual Assistant eBook?

    I have seen the Become a Virtual Assistant eBook advertised on almost all websites related to VA work that I've stumbled upon. My question, is the book as detailed as it seems or is it just "another" reference book? I don't have a lot of start up funds, so I am trying to choose what I buy...
  3. hbplifestyle

    Ebook Formatting & Editing as a sub

    If you know how to format ebooks this day and age you'll be priceless. Some people are writers but have not desire to create an ebook. If you don't know how and think you might have an interest take a class and learn how.
  4. JKVirtualOffice

    Resource Free WordPress e-book & video tutorials

    Here is a link to a free ebook on using WordPress called, "How to Develop Money-Making Niche Sites using WordPress." She also has 9 tutorial screencast videos that walk you through the steps of building a site. I haven't watched them yet so I'm not able to say how helpful they. But from what...