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    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Chibi and I am the owner of Tychi Management Group I'm new to this site, I've been doing VA work for 6 mos now and I must say I absolutely love it! As many of you know it's a challenge getting out there and getting new clients but the hard work does and will payoff in the end. I...
  2. Virtually Yours Virtual PAs

    Outsourcing / Sub Contracting

    3 of my retainer / major clients are away on hols over the next 3 weeks and although I have things I can be doing, I just thought I ask the professionals whether you would offer yourself to another Virtual Assistant for this time, I haven't outsourced / subcontracted as yet so your comments...
  3. hbplifestyle

    Any VAs that are software dealers?

    Last week I accompanied my husband to the national farm show in KY. What fun that was:) There were a ton of vendors that have software available to farmers but they work through dealers vs a retailer. Curious if any of the VAs in the forum have gotten into being a dealer for specific...
  4. C


    Hi Everyone! I am finalizing my services list, but can't make a decision about offering transcription. My background is I am familiar with one-voice transcription (I would transcribe letters, deposition questions, but not the deposition themselves, jury instructions, interrogatories, etc). I...
  5. hbplifestyle

    Question What's the hardest part of keeping another job?

    Here on the forum I started a survey about the number of VAs that are full-time. It's pretty cool because it's very even so far. Now my question is for those of you that are working another job. What's the hardest part of it. I would have to say juggling each client's time. I only have so many...
  6. hbplifestyle

    Problem CRM Software or Excel?

    A client of mine who currently has a small client database is in need of good management of tracking the customer data. He really would like to use Excel however I can't help but wonder if he's better off to find something that was created for that specific need. Is there anyone here that...
  7. hbplifestyle

    Subcontractor's pickup lines, NOT to use!

    Since I've been in the subcontract niche I'm still amazed at how many people seek projects with the wrong approach. I'd like to share some of the so called "pickup lines" they use to get projects. Guess what? They won't work. If anything it's going to turn contractors away. Here's a few but...
  8. hbplifestyle

    Question What % of Virtual Assistants are Full Time?

    I'm posting this survey because just recently someone mentioned they have met more part-time VAs than full-time. After getting the percentage I'd like to have a discussion on why this may be the trend.
  9. hbplifestyle

    Question Your First Purchase Was?

    Another forum I was on asked this question. I thought it was really interesting to hear responses and very helpful for newbies. Let's help them out by sharing what one of your first purchases as a VA was. Remember purchases don't have to be material. I looked for a mentor that allowed me to...
  10. hbplifestyle

    Question Petty Cash Guideline Sample

    My contractor is looking for a sample petty cash guideline to follow. Do any of you have one setup that you would mind sharing?
  11. hbplifestyle

    A Subcontractor Who Invests

    Recently I've been researching what service providers are looking for in a subcontractor. Curious to hear whether multi-VA firms are looking for a sub just to complete a task or invest themselves into a company. Prior to doing the research I looked at subcontracting as clearing another's desk...
  12. hbplifestyle

    List of Priceless Subcontract Services

    Let's start a list of services other VAs and service providers would die to have in order to assist them in their day to day business activities. Really the small things are what become valueable. This is a good exercise so newbies know what they could start with.
  13. hbplifestyle

    Question More exposure with Blog Talk Radio or Itunes

    Just curious for those of you that have podcasts if you think you get more visitors adding your podcast to blog talk radio or Itunes.
  14. hbplifestyle

    Sharing Availability Schedule

    In a previous post I read multi-va firms get frustrated because of subcontractors availability. How are you sharing or communicating your schedules with the contractors? Share your suggestions and tools.
  15. hbplifestyle

    Is it right to subcontract to learn a new skill?

    For those of you trying to learn a new skill. Have you considered subcontracting to get the training from an experienced VA? Do you think subcontracting to gain experience is right? This may be a good question for multi-VA firms to get their feeling.
  16. hbplifestyle

    Podcast Does Itunes Give More Exposure?

    Each month I do a pocast specific to subcontracting. It seems that I'm reaching quite a few people however I'd like to reach more. Right now I'm only posting the podcast to my website. For those of you that podcast do you think using Itunes increases your traffic? Is it complicated to create...
  17. hbplifestyle

    Resource Scanning Equipment Suggestions

    This day and age going paperless is becoming more common for bookkeeping. My client wants me to start scanning all his bills. On TV I've seen a commercial for a device called "Neat Receipts." Has anyone used this particular piece of equipment or have suggestions for something reasonable in...
  18. hbplifestyle

    Should subcontractors attend multi-VA events?

    Recently I was invited to a multi-VA event. I didn't hesitate to sign up for it. First of all because it was free and second it helps me do my homework. It's always stressed to figure out what your industry is in need of. It couldn't get any better then to listen to their ideas. Do others...
  19. hbplifestyle

    Podcast Where do you store your audios?

    For those of you out there that put your audios on your site please share. In order for it to work with my WP plugin I need the audio to have a url created. What company have you found to be reasonable in price that you can upload your audios to?
  20. hbplifestyle

    Anyone have a FT business just subcontracting?

    A couple years down the line my plan is to be a FT VA subcontractor. I'm curious if anyone currently is doing so now? In my opinion I believe it will happen.