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  1. virtualpalondon

    Resource Important Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

    A Virtual Assistant is a professional who works from a remote location and provides different services to Entrepreneurs or Managers. The Virtual PA will have access to the company’s data and essential tools to perform their jobs perfectly from the comfort of their homes.
  2. virtualpalondon

    Question Why should you hire a virtual financial planner?

    The finance division of an association is a hard one, and it should be overseen well to accomplish the ideal objective of the business. A Virtual Finance Manager will uphold and manage all your direct investment activities, prepare financial reports, manage all accounts, make investments and...
  3. virtualpalondon

    How Does a Virtual Assistant Help in Your Business?

    Owning a small company, you may think that recruiting an HR Manager or developing an HR department is just not required. They do the hiring and firing job that you can best do for your company and thereby save a bit of money. From maintaining the employment law to carrying out a transparent...
  4. virtualpalondon

    Resource Work of a Professional Virtual HR Manager

    It is immensely important to generate a consistent revenue stream, develop new and impactful strategies and keep track of the market’s pulse to beat the market competition. A Virtual HR Manager can handle a team of skilled and dedicated professionals who provide you with an apt professional...
  5. HannahCollins

    Announcement An Efficient Virtual Assistant Service | Virtual PA New York

    At Virtual PA New York, we will provide you with a dedicated Personal Assistant who will work from a minimum of 2 hours – 8 hours per day, ensuring they meet all of your requirements. Our customers can select their dedicated Personal Assistant by going through our well-designed hiring process...
  6. virtualpalondon

    Advantages of Virtual HR

    If you are one of those from a small organization or a start-up, there are a wide range of benefits attached with Virtual HR Managers. These are the following advantages: Cost-Effective Virtually Available Vast Knowledge Use Latest Technology
  7. F

    Working at Home in your Pajamas is the Key to Happiness

    Hey everyone! I hope you are doing well! Sharing with you a blog post from Filipino Virtual Assistance. You might find it useful! :) ***** Do you believe that working from home, on your pajamas, is the key to happiness? According to a study from Owl Labs, the company behind one of the most...
  8. J

    Seeking Advice: Building Wealth-building Partnership w/ VA

    Hello everyone! My name is Julius and I'm a graduate student studying International Trade and National Security Studies. I'm also trying to find ways to get supplemental income to support my wife and I as I finish grad school. Thus, I was wondering if anyone has any experience using virtual...
  9. B

    Question What is actually involved with providing services?

    Hi everyone, Can anyone shed some light on the actual duties on a day to day basis that a VA commonly does? I hear a lot about Social Media Marketing, or emails on behalf of a client however, what do these services involve specifically? I am trying to determine what services to offer...
  10. J

    Got my first new client..and I have a problem

    I am actually in the planning phases of my VA business. I decided to use Elance to gain experience in services that I want to offer to my clients. I scored a data entry project. The project was to add products to her online store. We started working on Elance and I completed the project. She was...
  11. ennovationc

    Hello - My friends , This is Gobinda

    Hello . This is Gobinda Roy from Ennovation Consulting , India . We are very active on Elance as a VA team . But now I feel need to explore outside freelance space . I am here to learn about this VA industry from our respected members . Thank you all ! Kind Regards , Gobinda
  12. R

    Article 7 Effective Tools For Managing A Virtual Team

    I just found this great article on the AMEX Open Forum Blog. It's called "7 Effective Tools For Managing A Virtual Team." Since we are virtual assistants these tools are just as important for us to use with our clients. :bulb:
  13. RavenDelana

    Question What's your "go-to" Marketing tactic?

    A successful marketing plan includes a mix of strategies and tactics to find your audience where they are and prove your value as a service provider. But today I'm wondering what is the one thing that has worked best for you in the past? Does Networking bring in most of your clients or does your...
  14. C

    Tips for getting started?

    Hello, I have been toying around the idea of becoming a VA for almost two years now. I went as far as having a website and mailing out brochures for my business. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten any call back and I got discouraged. I tried again, this time just focusing on writing a Business...
  15. PDX Guy

    Top 50 Social Media Resources

    Directly from the pages of Website Magazine (hardcopy subscriptions are free!) is the Top 50 Social Media Resources. Good stuff!
  16. Action Jackson VA

    October 200 Issue - TVE Ezine this Issue … Front Cover—Discover Your Passion A Word From the Editor page 2 Cover Story– Darlene Victoria Gonzalez, Discover Your Passion! Page 3-5 Tech Talk page 7 How to Create a Business Name that Brings Business...
  17. Action Jackson VA

    News FTC: Bloggers must disclose paid review

    PHILADELPHIA - The Federal Trade Commission will require bloggers to clearly disclose any freebies or payments they get from companies for reviewing their products. It is the first time since 1980 that the commission has revised its guidelines on endorsements and testimonials, and the first...
  18. Action Jackson VA

    Tip Is your VA business Accessible to the Visually Impaired?

    When deciding on creating your website do you consider those who can not see? I have had so many compliments from those who are visually impaired for my grammar, word usage and descriptions. When working on your site make sure you are using descriptions whether it be in your HTML/CSS code or...