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  1. hbplifestyle

    Question Tax Due Date Calendar w/WI State & Fed

    I'm desperately looking for a tax calendar that shows what is due for WI employers. We're Agriculture so if it's a template I can adjust as needed. You can reply with a link or PM if you need to send a file.
  2. hbplifestyle

    Subcontractor's pickup lines, NOT to use!

    Since I've been in the subcontract niche I'm still amazed at how many people seek projects with the wrong approach. I'd like to share some of the so called "pickup lines" they use to get projects. Guess what? They won't work. If anything it's going to turn contractors away. Here's a few but...
  3. hbplifestyle

    Question Petty Cash Guideline Sample

    My contractor is looking for a sample petty cash guideline to follow. Do any of you have one setup that you would mind sharing?
  4. hbplifestyle

    Is it right to subcontract to learn a new skill?

    For those of you trying to learn a new skill. Have you considered subcontracting to get the training from an experienced VA? Do you think subcontracting to gain experience is right? This may be a good question for multi-VA firms to get their feeling.