A Big Hello from Milwaukee

Hi everyone!

My name is Shay and I have been thinking about becoming a VA for quite some time and I am here just to get advice, make connections, network, and maybe even make some friends.

I have over 5 years experience with Administrative, Legal, Event Planning and Customer Service work. I am getting to the point where I am not feeling satisfied with my 9 - 5 job and I want something new and operating my own business (although it will take time) seems like a step in the right direction.

So that's a little bit about me.

Have a great night!

Hi Shay -- Welcome to the forum. You will meet a lot of wonderful, inspiring, considerated, (there aren't enough adjectives to describe everyone one the forum); again they are wonderful. Begin reading everything. It will be very helpful. Again, welcome aboard.

Hope to see you around.

Be Well!
Thank you Carla! I am excited to be here. I was suppose to be in bed (I'm super exhausted) an hour ago, but I just can't keep my eyes off of the abundance of information that is offered here and I just want to jump in and get everything taken care of.

Right now, I'm having a hard time coming up with a name for my business and I think that has me at a stand still. There are so many names that are already taken and I just want to make sure I choose the right name because it will be pretty permanent when I get everything taken care of.
Hello Shay!

Welcome to the Forum! I think you are going to find every single thing you mentioned you are interested in. Plenty of all the above. ~smiles~

My name is Delilah. I am still working on my VA business, but if I can be of help to you, please don't hesitate to contact me. I too have a background in Legal, Administrative, Customer Service support among other things. One thing that intrigues me is the specialization in Event Planning. I have been to a few seminars where Event Planning is a niche many businesses would appreciate since it takes up so much time for them to do this themselves.

I would love to chat with you more about your qualifications in that area if that is okay. I hope I have my profile set up where you may PM or send me a message otherwise.

Hope to hear from you soon. Oh, and....

Welcome Aboard!!! :sunny:

P.S. My niche by the way is small business start up and support.

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Welcome to the forum! Brainstorm with friends/coworkers (if they know), etc. to come up with the perfect name. I highly recommend you have the word Virtual in there somewhere :)


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Hi Shay, welcome to the community ;)
I love your little picture - so darling!!

This is an amazing group of people, there is lots of information to be had here as well as support as you begin to make the transition to self employed.

It's a great direction to go in and it does take a little bit of work, as you mentioned - but is absolutely worth it every step of the way (in my opinion :) )


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Welcome to the forum! Lot's of great information here! I look forward to getting to know you!