Accounting Including Income Tax Preparation


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I am wanting to start a virtual assistant business but most of my experience is in bookkeeping and data entry so I was leaning more towards accounting as my niche. Since being laid off from my job, I have returned to school and am in the process of getting a degree in accounting but I have another year to go. I have about 20 years of clerical experience in basic secretarial skills so I am hoping this will help.

I was wondering if anyone else was doing income tax preparation in their business.

I have taken a course on income tax but is was for individual taxes only. I am not sure where you get the training on business tax preparation since my school does not offer it.

I live in a very small, rural town and there is a small population; not may opportunities for local clients. I found out today that there are 2 other ladies doing this kind of business in my area so that makes it even more challenging.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to everyone!

Rebecka Melson

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My niche is bookkeeping, but I also have a background in tax prep. Although I do not advertise tax preparation as a service, I do prepare taxes for a select few people. I get a lot of requests for it though. I do not do tax prep for my business clients because although I am an experienced bookkeeper I always prefer them to have a CPA look over their financials that I have prepared and do the actual tax preparation.

I considered doing taxes for individuals and small businesses last year but my schedule has been so busy that it's hard to make time to meet with people and get their papers signed, so as I said before I only did it for a select few.

I did my training through H&R Block like 10 years ago. The other reason I don't do business tax returns is keeping up with all the tax laws that are constantly changing.


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Also, I would imagine that tax prep would be hard if you have clients from other states because of the changing tax laws, as mentioned above, and also just having to know all of the individual state tax laws.

VA Johnson

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Hello Ladies..

I have a Secretarial Services as well.. I am a ERO, and a Transmitter with the IRS not to mention a Bonded Notary Public.. I don't advertise my tax preperation - it just so happen to come up in my conversations.. I just want to say whatever your niche is - do not second guess it go for it..