Adding a touch of 'luxury' to your virtual assistance practice


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Tess, I found this thread and have to say thank you for such a great idea. It is truly the one who puts forth the extra customer service that succeed in their business. Ideas I will have to put into practice.


While I have yet to seek out my first client, I have thought about ways to welcome them aside from paperwork (welcome pkts). The ideas shared, Tess, are awesome! I also love the coffee plant idea. I will be doing more research on finding services like that of the coffee plant idea.

Thanks for sharing.

VA Karen

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I was thinking about this the other night, some way to thank them. Where I'm not yet open, I still have ideas coming through loud and clear (yea, every night when I crawl into bed, lol)


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Thank you everyone for such great ideas! I have read about 4 year's worth of discussion and it's still going strong!


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Some great ideas on this thread.

I think we Brits are a bit more reserved than our American cousins, so some people might think that some of the ideas here would be seen as a bit OTT! :D

I like the idea of sending hand-written cards and thank you notes. :)