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I am planning to add web design services to the list of services that I offer. I know I have the ability to create a simple site. I want to learn more complex design too and am not really sure where to start. Currently I know basic HTML and Flash (via SwishMax). I have Arachnophilia as my HTML editor. For graphics I have Gimp and Inkscape. Most of the items I have are open source programs as I don't have the money to invest in other programs at this time. I used Homestead for my website and created my own logo. I know I need to learn CSS. Also, it seems that Joomla is very popular these days. I found, and they seem to have great tutorials. I just need some direction. I have considered offering my services for free or a VERY reduced cost to 2-3 new VA's in order to learn and add to my portfolio. I am not sure if this is a good idea or not. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Also my Mom is trying to talk me in to doing logo design. Any insight on this thought would be helpful to. Thanks so much for your input.



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Oh thank you, Tess, for starting a series of chatroom for teaching HTML and CSS!!!!!!!

I hope it is all in text?? *wink wink*


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That is so exciting to hear. I would love to join in on an interactive learning experience. I look forward to hearing more about it.



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But be sure to use the great resources you found to learn on your own in the meantime! There are also some good links for learning both HTML and CSS in our industry directory under Resources ---> Tutorials.

Ness Lindsay

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I don't think it would hurt for you to offer the service of logo design. I have always LOVED doing logo design, but I never went to school for it. Whatever experience I had, I gained through self teaching.

So, this is what I did...I began offering logo design services. I then told my very first client that I would design 3 different logos for them. They could then provide their feedback to me to determine if I was out in left field or right on track. From there we finalized the design and they were so happy with it. For the first couple of times I did a logo design, I didn't charge the client for my time or the design until they actually picked one they liked. This was just a personal preference for me to gain further experience. I didn't have a client that didn't like the end result.
If anything, I would experiment on family, friends, or business associates that are close to you, or perhaps new VA's. Then when you are sure that you are meeting your clients needs, I would extend this service to the general public!

I hope this makes sense?

Vanessa Lindsay