Any VAs here that work with health coaches?

VA Allie

Not sure if there's anyone on the forum who works with health coaches?

I'm a newbie - not even live yet - in the process of thinking about who my ideal clients would be / who I'd really like to work with. I've realized that I would love to work with personal health coaches (not so much fitness or weight loss ones but say, ones who are helping clients address chronic health issues etc.).

So of course I wondered if anyone here does this, and if so, would you have any recommendations on how to go about building a client base with this area of interest? I'm a generalist at this point, no niche, and no experience in working with this type of client - I'm just keen on providing awesome support to people doing amazing things! :) Any advice, however small, would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: Any VA's here that work with health coaches?

Hi Allie,

I have an amazing client - she's an author, speaker, health coach - You can go to my site and you can probably figure out who she is.

My best suggestion would be to get experience as a VA period...then start following people on Twitter, LinkedIn and FB. Find your ideal client and watch them on social media - what do they need? Do they send out newsletters? What do their websites look like? What kind of services or products do they sell or provide? And get experience in all of those areas.


VA Allie

Re: Any VA's here that work with health coaches?

Hi Jan,

Thanks so much for your reply! I have experience as a VA - I've been working for a VA shop so to speak for 8 months (20+ years business / office experience prior to that) and currently have 5 clients, so I'm confident in my abilities. I just don't have a niche nor experience with my ideal clients. You've given some great advice and will definitely do what you've suggested.

Thanks! :)


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Re: Any VA's here that work with health coaches?

Hi Allie,

I think Jan really nailed it with her advice. I think following your ideal clients on social networking sites will give you an idea of what they are working on and then you can create pitches specific to their hectic lives. Health coaches know better than most people that we all can benefit from a helping hand from time to time, especially if it freed up more of their time to focus on making people healthier!

I think you are really on to something and wish you a lot of success in pursuing these clients!

VA Allie

Re: Any VA's here that work with health coaches?

Thanks so much. When I first started down this path, it never occurred to me to choose the type of client to focus on - I've learned so much on this forum!


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Hi Allie

I am picking up this post much later! However, I am also very interested in working w/health coaches and wondered if you had any success w/this niche?

Thanks for your response!



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Re: Any VA's here that work with health coaches?

Hi Jan

You hit the jack pot w/Alex as a client! Congrats. I have a food website that shares recipes and whole food advice. I enjoy creating my blog but it is not profitable. I earn money as a VA working for a marketing professional but my most desired client is a Health Coach. Wondering if you are still assisting Alex or if you may know of other health related professionals in need of help?

Feel free to check out my website at:

Thanks for your help!

Healthy Regards,



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