Question Anyone familiar with Network Solutions hosting?


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I have a client that build a site with their builder and wants to convert to WP. I got everything set up and migrated over however the domain pointing is all messed up.

When I installed WP I have to put the files in a sub-directory of the shared domain. I changed the pointing to the domain URL however the pages and subpages have not changed.

All the theme files have been uploaded via FTP because of the type of hosting the client has.

If anyone is familiar with NS and can help me resolve some issues I would appreciate a phone call since their support is not much help.

NS is a screwy host. I have been in the backend but haven't done any domain pointing. If you just want another set of eyes in there to try and help, I'll do what I can.

Shoot me an email with your #



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Thanks Christina, I am walking away for the evening, I will PM you the info tomorrow unless support figures it our before then.