Question Anyone used for project management?

I have been looking into for project management for myself and my clients.

In a previos life as a Sales Rep :)eek:) I was a big fan of salesforce and as is from the same people I was wondering if it would be as useful?

Be great to hear if anyone has used it and if not what you would recommend.



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I have not utilized, but I did take a quick look at the program. From what I can see it has limited functionality. It looks like more of a private social media app.

My personal favorite PM is myIntervals. They have tons of features for a great price. I also really like their reporting and invoicing functions.

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I was a fan of Mavenlink (and still am) however I have switched to Asana which is a great PM system and the free version is very robust. The only thing it does not have is time tracking but I use OfficeTime for that so it is no biggy for me.