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[fimg=left][/fimg] Preview our popular Become a Virtual Assistant eBook 2nd Edition.
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What's included in the free download:
*The introductory eBook pages including a complete Table of Contents

*A detailed list of the 35 free sample contracts, business documents,
and startup worksheets that come along with the full eBook

*The first four chapters of the Become a Virtual Assistant eBook

To view a complete list of all 25 chapters and 35 accompanying documents
(without downloading the free sample chapters) click here.

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Just bumping this up in response to someone looking for it on Facebook....


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I order this book online with Amazon the kindle edition and I registered for the site but I am unable to view or download the files.



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Is this ebook still available for download? when you click on the link above to buy the full book it just kicks you back to the forum page.


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Is there a way to buy the contracts normally included with the book before the new version is available?


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Hello. I was interested in book, I tried to follow the links and see the material of the book, but the links do not work, they redirect me to the forum. The link for downloading the first four chapters also does not work. Help me please