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I signed up two days ago and came back in today to read and learn some more. I am in the "getting things up" stage. I bought the ebook from Tess and will go through that today. I am developing my website (in local environment) right now.

This is only the third forum of any kind I've ever joined. It will take me some time to figure things out, I'm sure. I am looking forward to spending some time here :sunny:

I live in Phoenix, AZ, in the Southwest USA, so I though the smiley sun was appropriate.


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Hi Redleaf, welcome!

Phoenix is one of my favorite places in the entire world :) I have a good friend who lives in Scottsdale and I go visit as often as I can. I love Arizona.

Good luck with everything and feel free to reach out to everyone with any question you have!


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Thank you so much for the warm welcome, Kmohan!

I will try not be shy, but I may lurk for a while :shy:


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Welcome to the forum. There is so much info here it took me months to digest. Keep plugging away and eventually it all comes together. I'm on sunny Cape Cod!


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Hi Redleaf!

Welcome aboard. I'm from San Diego so have been through AZ many times. Love love love Sedona!

Lots of good info here and lots of encouragement (which I think I need most!) so dig in :)



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Hello Redleaf!!
I'm sure you'll pick up on things around here really quickly. The people here are amazing resources and you can find plenty of help with anything you need.
Its great to have such support.


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Welcome Redleaf!

The getting started stage takes the longest but you have a wonderful foundation here to build on! Take it one step at a time and never stop learning.



Hi Redleaf! Tess's book is a great resource. As a reformed lurker I can advise that even though it can be scary to put yourself out there it's necessary! The supportive people on this forum make it easier to do so. I just started my business 6 weeks ago and the people and information here are invaluable. :welcome: