Buffer vs Hootsuite


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I have been using the free version of Buffer for a while. I have it tied in with Feedly and it's easy posting to my VA social media accounts this way.

I did sign up for a Hootsuite account but have not really used it. I have looked it over quickly but hesitate to set it all up if it is more or less like what I'm using and know (buffer). I know we are all busy, but I was hoping that I could get a few quick answers to these questions from people that have or are using both.

Is it sort of the same as Buffer?

If not how is it different and what does it do?

Do you use both?

I've used both and found buffer to be a lot easier. It's integration with Followerwonk to optimize tweeting times (and analyze your followers) is easy and works!
I have two articles that discuss Feedly-Buffer-Followerwonk integration on my Four Hour Physician site if you want more info.


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I do not use both since I have found that Buffer does what I need. The only thing I do not like is you cannot read feeds from Buffer which you can do in Hootsuite.
This is a good post to discuss. I am always interested in learning about new apps that are good for my business especially from a social media standpoint.


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Hi Susan,
I do use both and I tend to use buffer so much more. Like Lee stated the only drawback with buffer is that you can't see your feed.

I have the free version of Hootsuite and find it takes too much time scheduling posts. I have the paid version with buffer, which was less expensive than Hootsuite and find it so easy to use. I only use Hootsuite now when I want to see my feed and if I want to switch it up a bit.

If you do get started on Hootsuite make sure you have the Hootlet app. That way there you can just click and go.

It's a personal preference. I have asked around and found a lot of people have their favorite, but they will use both.

Hope this helps.


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Well thanks to everyone for the info. To me it seems like they do a lot of the same stuff and buffer is so easy to use. It is nice to see all your feeds in one spot but I don't really mind checking in directly, the only problem with going to FB or Twitter to read my feed is that I usually end up spending a bit more time there then I planned.
I am interested in trying buffer. I have heard some good things about it. Hootsuite is not a bad app to use, especially if you are on the go.


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So far I really like Buffer and find it very easy to use. From their website I tied it into Feedly so its super easy for me to see articles and blogs I like there and add them.


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Personally I like HootSuite better. I like being able to see my posts. (Saves me from having to log on to each account to review my activity.) HootSuite is a little more complicated to learn, but once you use it for a while it becomes easy.

To me if I have to log onto my accounts to review the activity, I might as well just submit my posts directly.



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I do think one of the reasons I'm not using Hootsuite is that it does have a larger learning curve then Buffer and having really just started my business I have so much going on... I honestly don't have the time right now to learn it. I plan to.... hopefully after the holidays things will settle down a bit.

I spend an hour in the morning reading the posts on my biz and personal social media accounts while I have a few cups of tea. I don't have to log in I just open up my biz web site and access everything from there (my computer saved the passwords for them). So its really not any hassle. As for posting... I set that up in buffer with link type posts and personal ones I write all ahead of time and it posts for me to my accounts all at various times. So it's not like I have to sign in to the accounts 3x per day like I'd have to if I wasn't using Buffer.

I've read that a lot of people use both of them and it seems like a lot of overlap to me.
Don't forget too Buffer's analytical are incredibly helpful. For instance I reposted an article on my social media networks that discussed dealing with people that offend you. I went into buffer analytics and saw that that post had 1300% more reach than my other posts! I'm going to focus more content in this area now given that feedback.


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I am really glad i found this forum!! Now this is new for me and I am already exploring both apps to see what will work best for me.

Thanks Ladies!


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I have a client who is looking to consolidate contractors and streamline sales, social media and product support. She currently uses Feedly to manage the blog traffic but these folks don't get filtered to the CMS. I am familiar with Hootsuite, never heard of Buffer. How steep of a learning curve will this be? I don't want to dilute what we have developed so far by taking on a component that I may be intermediate in.

Many thanks for your thoughts?



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I like to use Hootsuite for monitoring feeds or specific hastags and scheduling out to specific dates but mostly I use buffer too... but you knew that ;)


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I have both Buffer and Hootsuite accounts but I find myself using Buffer most. For feeds, I use Netvibes and I like it a lot.


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I've tried both software but I've had so much satisfaction with Buffer App.
Although I'm not saying that Hootsuite is not a good one to try but I think it depends on how you want to use the app that makes you more satisfied with all its features.


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I was using Buffer as an intern and found it really easy to use. I have a free HootSuite account but can't wrap my brain around it right now.