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So I've been thinking about what my business name would be and I have a few selections. Would you all be so kind and give me your opinions on which one you like the most.

Shay's Virtual Office, LLC
Virtual Office by Shay, LLC
Assistance by Shay, LLC
Virtually Shay, LLC

Please feel free to add any ideas because I'm at a stand still and cannot think of anything catchy at all. Thank you!!!!


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You know, I've always loved the 'Virtually .... " business names, but I suppose there are a zillion of them around these days...

Basic and to the point is fine, but if you want something to build off of later, to help brand your practice then something with a little more creativity behind it is good. I do understand it can be so hard to come up with a good business name but it's important to find something that you really like, that *feels right* to you because it's going to be everywhere, and it's going to be a major focus in your life.

SO - have you brainstormed any really unusual terms or ideas and just tossed them aside as too 'odd'? If so, please do post those too - oftentimes that's where you'll find the perfect business name ;)

In the meantime, if anything pops into my head I'll post back and hopefully some more creative minds will jump in here too!!
This is a tough answers. I tend to agree with Tess about the gazillion Virtual....... That is why I went totally differnt and used a partial of my last name and I am able to use it in the finishing of the letter. I always believe if it's catch you will get more use out of the name. I think "Business With Shay Jordon, LLC --Virtually Good Business Services".

Hope this isn't that corny.

Be Well,:thumbsup:


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In the course I'm teaching right now, I provide some key factors in choosing your name. In fact, here's a short exercise I use on one of our calls together. This might help! :)

(1) If you’ve ever thought about a business name before (or already have one), write it down.

(2) Do you have a specific talent that is unique or specialized? If so, write it down. If not, write down your favorite skill. For example, bookkeeping, assistance, legal, etc.

(3) Write down three words that describe where you live. For example, mountains, ocean, paradise, etc.

(4) Write down two words that come to mind when I say ‘assistance’.

(5) Write down two words that energize and inspire you. It could be anything.

Once you have this short list, begin to think about things that flow together well. Pair words up, add new words, let this process be a creative one and don’t limit yourself to anything in particular. Write down all of your options and take a look at everything afterward.
Okay, so I sort of look a little bit of everything that you guys said and I think I have come up with something. I'm not going to use my last name because after working in the Fraud Dept as an Admin Asst for a year, I would just prefer that be kept confidential (sort of). But tell me what you think:

Creative Business by(or should it be with) Shay, LLC - Virtually Good Business Services.

Because I hope to expand into Event and possibly Wedding (locally) planning, so this it pretty broad and I will be able to customize it. Please give me the constructive criticism. But once I get my name, I can go and make my website.
Or it could be - Creative Business by Shay, LLC - Creatively Servicing You.

Or does that sound dirty? Lol! I'm sorry, I've had bronchitis and chestwall pain all weekend and they put me on medicine that makes me loopy sometimes. But I do like it, it sounds sort of catchy.


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Here are my two cents :)

(1) Creative Business by(or should it be with) Shay, LLC - Virtually Good Business Services

I don't know that I would use the word 'good'... Good doesn't exude greatness. It just sounds like, 'Yeah, we're all right...' Creative Business also doesn't tell me enough about what you do. Do you design businesses? Are you a design firm doing graphic and website work?

(2) Creative Business by Shay, LLC - Creatively Servicing You

Again, this has the same creative issues and creatively servicing you doesn't really give me a clear enough picture of what it is you do. Still sounds like you are a design firm.

What about something like...

Shay VA ~ Virtually Servicing Businesses Around the World (plays on the Shay - VA rhyming scheme)


Shay VA | Virtual Assistance Services

Just some ideas...


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No problem :) I hope my advice isn't too 'critiscm-y'... I just want to be honest so that I can help in anyway possible :) Often, when reading posts where advice is asked for, I put on that coaching hat real quick LOL
My boyfriend and I had this fight today - he hates getting constructive criticism and he says I'm weird because I love it. I don't really take it as criticism especially when it comes from someone who has experience and who has had to learn through trial and error.

I like it when people are honest, and its not like you're doing it to be spiteful, you saying it because you want to see me succeed and I look at it that way, so that's why I am willing to take whatever help or advice that you're willing to give. Sorry, I'm just rambling tonight, lol.


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the best thing is to write down a brainstorm... and then get other people to give you their opinions on it... for me I wanted a catchy name and something that made me stand out from the crowd. Office Butterfly was(and is! ;)) perfect for me, it's still catchy AND it's very professional as people knew what I am doing. So yes, for me, it was having a discussion about names with my parents/aunts/etc... so you are doing the right thing! and... good luck!!

p.s. why not look in the thesaurus for some play-on words???



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Don't rush yourself - sometimes letting something like this go for a while will help refresh your creativity and perspective. If you're trying to 'make' yourself come up with or choose something you won't be doing so in the right mental space. Be patient with yourself.

Erin's exercise is an absolutely superb place to start when you're ready to brainstorm again.

And using the thesaurus is something I do on a regular basis to come up with new domain names for our in-house projects - it definitely makes a huge difference in speeding along my own brainstorms.

There's an online thesaurus here that I really like and you might find useful - you just type in the word you're thinking of and it gives lots of related suggestions - sometimes I end up in a completely different 'genre' of vocabulary word having started in one place, but it does help expand the creative ideas (and increases your vocabulary ;) )


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Well, I do think Virtual Office Guru, LLC is great as is :)
I'll let you know if anything else pops in to my head!
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