Can anyone recommend a great CPA?


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I couldn't find a thread about this, and I didn't see any rule against asking for recommendations, so I apologize if I'm breaking some forum rule, but I really need help finding a good CPA to handle my taxes.

Over the past 5 years, I've tried a local company, done my taxes myself online, and tried H&R Block, all with quite unsatisfactory results. Can anyone please recommend a good CPA for virtual assistants or small business in general? I'd prefer someone familiar with the tax laws in Oklahoma, but any state will do since I can handle it all electronically or through the mail.

Feel free to PM me or just reply. I just need help and I would much rather go with a CPA that has experience doing taxes for a VA.

Thanks in advance,
My accountant (AZ) is so busy she asked me not to send her any more referrals. However they have added a new accountant. I'll ask if she is accepting new accounts.

VA Karen

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I would think you would want one in or around your area, in case, you would want to meet in their office. You are from Oklahoma? You might need to do a Google search for local CPAs near you.


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I'm changing accountants right now because mine is getting very large and raising their rates higher than I can afford. However I live on Cape Cod, MA and my accountant for the last 12 years is in Stuart, Florida. I would email or Dropbox my info to them and that was that. I'm a virtual business so I can have a virtual accountant!

In this day and age you don't really need someone down the street, that being said I'm sure there are good accountants near you. Ask friends, family, neighbors who they use and what they do and don't like about them.


Mary Wu

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I can recommend Barb Vondra

You can find her website at this link,

She is in Illinois. I understand the suggestion to go with someone local, but something I've noticed is the tax code translates well from state to state (it's just a matter of knowing which websites and articles to read).

Monika Goel

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Hey Samantha,
I recommend you to contact Brunke J William CPA on the following address or via email-
2809 S. Lynnhaven Rd., Ste. 300
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Main Number (757) 222-0134
Email: [email protected]