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Just taking a quick poll. How many of you perform Concierge Services for your client? Meaning that you schedule their trips and other personal activites or requests, take care of gift buying, etc.? I'm wondering if there is a demand for this type of confidential service and if it is worth researching more. THANK YOU!



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I do not advertise this service but occasionally will get a request for personal activity tasks (mostly research related) I will perform it since they are paying me to help their business and this may be one task they need off their plate to forge ahead.


This is a service that I will be adding to my business. After researching it quite a bit, I found that it could possibly be the gateway service that gets me in the door with some of the businesses that I have been tryng to solicit my other servics to.


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Like Lee I will perform these services to established customers. It's important to make sure all personal request are submitted via email, fax or tracable source. Also remember to get a contract for these services or ensure your current contract covers these services.

The more services your able to offer the better your possibilites to assist your clients and increase your revenue. Just make sure your offering services that you have knowlege in and you'll be A OK!


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This is a service that I am hoping to offer. I once worked for a lawyer who requested this kind of stuff all the time - it was just part of being his PA so I definately have the experience.



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Gee, that's why I left the corporate world! I don't see anything wrong with it, just not for me. I do schedule trips but I don't drive them to the airport or pick up cleaning, but I have arranged for both. On the other side, I think it is great to specialize, being the go to gal for a specific task works for many VA's.

As small business owners it is a good thing to continue to think about how to improve your business and service and if this is an opportunity for a way to generate cash, then go for it.

Sorry, did it again, more than two cents worth.

I've been thinking about doing some concierge services for individuals. I know that individuals are a population that may not be popular with most VA's but this would be a unique service to include.


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I don’t think it is actually legal like other concierge services.
Concierge only includes only
making reservations and not to stay with the guest
schedule trips for them without being their part

If someone is providing that special service then it will not be counted as Concierge.



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Since this is on the lines of a personal assistant, I think this is something I might consider adding to my services. Although, I don't know how virtual that would make me if I am running errands....


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I'm considering adding this to my business too. Sounds like a wonderful idea! It seems like it will get your foot in the door with some, or keep some clients you already have from seeking others. Anything for customer service right? ;)


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My only advice would be to be careful about personal expenditure that you would need to recover from the client. Best bet would be to have their credit card information and make any purchases on their behalf, rather than on your own dime.
I am still working on setting my business up, but that was definitely one of the services I am going to offer. I plan on having cc info on file for that though! There is no way I'm putting my money on the line, contract or not.


I provide concierge style services for a couple of my clients. I do things like researching vacations, booking flights, gift ideas, sending flowers, making Doctor's appointments, and so on. I really enjoy it!

Since I don't have any local clients I don't find myself running around doing errands. If I did, they would be charged for my travel time and mileage. I did make an exception for a client coming in to town for a conference. We had never met so I offered to pick him up from the airport. We went out to lunch and then I dropped him off at his accommodation (which I had booked for him). It was fun getting to meet him in person, and he LOVED the car service sign that I made to greet him at the airport.

I agree with Cynthia about not making purchases on your own dime. If a client wants me to make a purchase of any kind I have them sign a credit card authorization agreement so I can use their card. I also get their OK by email before making the purchase so there is no misunderstanding. This system has worked out well.