Question Creating Blogs for clients

Hi everyone!
I have created a couple of blogs for my mother's businesses using WordPress. I made both using templates from the Wordpress Directory but I have modified them both slightly to fit what we were looking to do (and I am comfortable making changes to templates, etc).

First, I am trying to determine if my level of design is something a client will pay for. I am hoping to start learning more about customizing templates as well but for know would use templates with some modifications.

Second, is this OK to modify templates to create a new look for a client or is it necessary to create a template of your own if you are creating a blog for a paying client?

Finally, my mother said she had talked with someone who mentioned how happy she was with the price she received for having a blog done and it was considerably more than I expected based on the amount of time it took for me to do the blogs I did. Are clients paying hourly or by project price for this type of work and what does it include if they pay by the project price?



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Many clients don't have a clue as to how to set up a blog. So anything you do for them is well beyond what they expect. I'd charge a project price for setting up the blog based on your experience of how long one takes.


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We usually quote a per-project price for blog customization. The amount of work depends on what the client wants and what you're starting with.

We are usually customizing blogs to match and integrate with a client's existing website rather than creating a fresh design or working with premade templates but that's just my own experience.

Since you're just starting out with this I'd recommend charging hourly until you have a better sense of how long this takes you. Once you have more experience with it you'll be able to better set a per-project price.

I charged hourly on things like this for quite a long time before starting to price per-project.
Thanks Sue and Tess!
I am feeling better about offering this service now! I did customize the one blog: and I made some minor changes to a template with this one: And of course, I am working on plug-ins, etc. and showing them how to use the blog and write in them.
Just need to figure out the details so I can start marketing this service.
Thanks again!

P.S. Tess, love your quote! LOL!