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Can anyone tell me where or how I can get an overview of what's covered in the Jumpstart course (i.e. course outline, modules covered)? The product page on the forum gives a somewhat vague overview.

Michelle Mangen

VAF Virtual Assistant Jumpstart Course Instructor

Sure thing, here you are! The reading assignments for each module correlate to specific page numbers in Tess' ebook (but I don't have those below as the message would be really long but if you want those too, just let me know).

There are a number of freebies I give for various modules as well. (e.g. opportunity filter, 2 page marketing template). And Tess' ebook has a bunch of freebie templates too.

Module One:
Top 10 Things I Wish I had Knew Before I Started
Behaving in an Ethical Manner
Designing Your Business Office: Setting Up Shop
Making the Distinction: Independent Contractors vs. Employees
Exhibiting Professionalism: Business Website and Blog

Module 2:
Planning for Business Success
Defining Your Brand
Assessing Strengths: Determining Your Services
Opportunity Filter

Module 3:
Defining and Finding Ideal Clients
Determining Your Target Market

Module 4:
Selecting the Proper Legal Structure
Establishing Rates
Policies and Procedures
Timekeeping, Billing and Invoicing
Recordkeeping Success: Business Bank Accounts
Responding to RFP’s

Module 5:
Marketing Your Business and Networking with Others
Keeping Clients Happy
When to Fire a Client

Module 6:
New Skills
Good News / Bad News

Michelle Mangen

VAF Virtual Assistant Jumpstart Course Instructor
Let me know if there is more you'd like to know. Happy to answer all questions you have!


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This looks great. I'll be signing up at the end of August

Does it cover:

Client process from intake and ongoing
Tasking your business to the next level
Productivity tools, resources and software
Tracking projects / tasks (staying organized)

Michelle Mangen

VAF Virtual Assistant Jumpstart Course Instructor

I do go over a fair bit of content/suggestions for on-boarding a new client as well as some resources to use (HelloSign, Asana, etc). I also give my client agreement and my old client contract as templates you can use.

I'm a big software junkie so one of the other free downloads is a list of various resources which are handy. I'm also putting together the 31 day series I ran in January (very focused on tools) as an ebook which I'll give people (but that probably won't be ready until late Sept or early Oct).

Staying organized - a number of the tools I mention above are handy. I also talk about Asana for Project Management which is free and I love, love, love and first heard about from someone else here on the forums.

What do you mean RE "tasking your business to the next level"?

Michelle Mangen

VAF Virtual Assistant Jumpstart Course Instructor
Oh....ha ha, I should have realized that. Apparently I was way too tired in the brain last night when I read it. That is one area I do not go into a lot of detail mainly because all of the students I've had are either a) considering becoming a VA and this is exploratory for them b) have been in business for less than a year.

It's often hard to look into the future about hiring team members when the first concern is "how do I get clients"?

That being said I do suggest working with team members as soon as possible because a) having someone to cover if you're out b) it's better to start building that foundation as soon as feasible vs. waiting until you're so darn overloaded you can't find a spare minute to train a new team member


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I just wanted to pop in to say I'm working with another highly successful 6-figure VA to bring a new eBook product to VAF on how to create and run a virtual assistant team... Hoping to be able to release it in the next few months!


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That's awesome Tess, thanks. I want the resources to get my business started (Jumpstart course) but I'm also looking down the line and plan to have a team. Excited!!