Do Temporary Project Managers Exist?


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Just curious if there are any multi-VAs that focus specifcially on helping small businesses start their companies. Is it normal for you to get them up an running and fade away once they get a handle on things?

So many times we talk about specific niches but one big niche is project management from start to finish.


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Re: Do Temporary Project Managers Exsist?


I do help business get started then move on. Not so much in starting their companies but putting processes and procedures in place or getting a particular project underway. What I will do is create the project (or process), get them trained and then they become one-off clients that will contact me if they need another project created.

I tend not to do start-ups because they generally do not have the funds or are so cash strapped that they are not willing to pay my rates.

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Hi Collette,

I do help businesses get started but with specific tasks such as getting their newsletter going or training in social media. Start-ups are not my target customer because they often do not have any technical experience which I find makes it difficult to work with them. I prefer to work with companies in business at least one to two years. And often, they will be at that level and want to make the business grow.

As Lee says, start-ups don't usually have the funds to pay for virtual assistant services. I also find they need more 'hand holding' and are less willing to learn processes themselves. This eats into my time with them and then they balk at how much time is spent on virtual assistant services. They really do need to be willing to learn how to run a business on the web themselves and I find many do not want to or they are not willing to search out the answers.

However, that is not to say that start-ups are not a good market. I think that with the right packaged plan, priced to their specifications and a willingness to learn, a virtual assistant can indeed be their project manager and oversee the process from start to finish.



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Hi Collette, virtual project management is a service that we offer to our clients. We haven't worked with any start up businesses as that isn't our target market. I'm sure it could be good a market if you understand the dynamics of start ups and package/price accordingly.