Does anyone use Ipad for business?


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I do not. I do use a Mac because I need more than a tablet can offer. I would bet that there are some who only use an Ipad though.
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Thank you for your reply :)

It doesn't necessarily have to be just an Ipad. Interested in whether people use one alongside their main PC's/ laptops and for what purpose. I have a laptop and a desktop and my Ipad sits looking a bit sorry for itself :rolly: hahah
I use my iPad for email management, copy-editing/proofreading, and social media management when I need to be away from my home office but don't feel like dragging along my laptop.


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Like connecting the dots, I use my iPad when I am away from the home office. I love Mac and think that it is more productive to use for business and I absolutely love the cloud storage option!

But work wise, it is just too time consuming to do the typing for anything longer than a social media post on the iPad.


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Not me. I can't seem to work on small devices like cps and pads. I just use them when I am away from my work space and I had to check emails. But more than this, I will have to say pass.


I use a Samsung ATIV Smart PC/ tablet. It works as fully functioning PC when I need it to and it can convert into a tablet when I need a tablet. I love it! it does have small hard drive but since I use a cloud based client network that has not been a problem. I use my tablet more than my laptop and desk top combined because it allows me to run both my companies no matter where I am because it support Office 365 even in the tablet mode, unlike the IPAD I had originally, which was limited to only simple internet task due to poor functionality


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I use my Ipad to check e-mails and I have installed Buffer on it so that when I see an interesting article while I'm browsing, I can add it to Buffer right away!
The Ipad is a great tool. I actually found an excellent app on the Ipad that allows me to connect to my laptop as a remote and access everything on my laptop. The app is called "Jump" it allows me to connect to my laptop and I can work on my laptop from my Ipad. I think it is a great tool because this way if a client needs something or document that is on my laptop and I am not by laptop, I am still able to meet that client's need by accessing the Jump app.


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I have a tablet I bought from Walmart for like 100 bucks thinking that it would be a great way to do biz related things when I didn't feel like dragging out my laptop if I wanted to work away from home for the day or something. What a joke...I can't do crap on the tablet - way too small and this is why I'm glad I bought a cheap tablet & didn't go with an iPad like I thought about. I've tried using my son's iPad and it just frustrates me, like my tablet. I have to have my laptop to get anything done. Just can't work on a tablet/iPad - way too hard/frustrating for me.


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I agree, on it's own, the ipad/tablets can be limited unless customized.

I'd recommend and attachable keyboard like zag that you can add or take off and use via bluetooth at will. There are cloud based programs (which synchronize to your main computer) from which you could better take notes (even if just using the cloud based Evernote program), monitor social media (if you are a marketing assistant), organize projects, and have some level of productivity (office apps, photo alteration), also you could utilize remote access apps like LogMeIn to access your main desktop computer files.

At this stage, I also feel tablets are also still too clunky to completely erase the need of a more robust laptop for productivity but there are applications that can extend it's usage to create the perfect device for those gap moments during travel.


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I would assume that an ipad was essential I am new to VA and I do everything on the ipad. Unless it doesn't allow me to that's when I use my laptop or desktop computer. The ipad is very convenient for me. It all just depends on what apps you are using.


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I like using my iPad when meeting with clients to take notes and give presentation, especially when the meetings are in person. I usually store presentations on my Google Drive and play them for a client on my iPad, so they can look at everything and go on at their own pace. It's just easier to carry around than my laptop.
Yes, I use an iPad. I go to a lot of networking, and meetings. It really comes in handy for those. I have quick access to my website to show clients. I have a handy and easy place to keep my notes as I use OneNote and it syncs across all my devices. I also use it as a payment portal should I meet with a client face-to-face and they want to pay with a credit card. Sometime I take it out to Panera, the park, wherever just to get a way and do some planning or writing. I have an app that allows me to split my screens up to 4 times if I want so that I research and take notes at the same time. It's pretty cool, but if you split beyond 2x's the screens are very small. Much your like phone.

Now, if I want to website design or graphics. I prefer to use my PC. Mostly because I have a kick butt PC with two monitors that I love, love, love ... but I've read that others use it for those purposes and I know there is an app that allows you to edit your WordPress website if you wanted to do that.

So, it's possible to do so much more with the iPad as well as other tablets than many people realize. It's just like learning a PC though. You have to dive in and learn it. It's a whole new ball game playing on tablets than PC's, but they do quit a bit more than you'd think.

It all boils down to how to dedicate you are to learning it inside and out. Investing in the apps to make it work the most efficient way possible, and will you be able to work from such a small device at all times.


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Hi Rhonda
Im wondering what the app is that you use to split your screens and still be productive on your Ipad? I use my for notes, checking email and now will use it for Jump, with the great suggestion posted by another member :)
The one I use is called "Side by Side". I've had it for a long time, and at the time it was only one out there. I'd venture to say there are probably a few more by now and with even better usability. It's a nice little app though given that you cannot split the screens otherwise.


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I have an iPad mini that keeps me connected when I am not home or at the office. I do still work full time and it makes it super easy to remote into my laptop at home and do something quickly if I need to. I use the app TeamViewer. Its free and you are able to remote into your computer without any problems. You get all the full features of your computer (even sound!) It did start out as a personal item, but its become apart of my business day to day as well. Highly suggest it!


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I plan on buying the Samsung Galaxy TabPRO on Monday. I believe having a tablet will help with my social media management and I can keep that for business profiles and use my phone for personal interest.


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I use iPad daily to help me out. Usually when I'm at work and can't use the work desktop or I'm out and don't feel like using my laptop. I have an 'onlive desktop' account. And if you use your desktop/laptop to make an acct and download the app, you can access your Office Suite files (and edit them) from your iPad as long as you have wifi. Simply put, upload original file on lap/desktop and you can access it anywhere from your iPad. This helps greatly. And when I don't/can't use the laptop or iPad for my business I just use my phone.