Epoxy garage floor coating vs floor tiles vs vinyl rolls

In the spirit of car related threads, I want to get some opinions regarding doing a professional epoxy garage floor coating versus something like an interlocking floor tile system or vinyl rolls. Do you have opinions about one versus another as far as aesthetics are concerned, and also longevity or durability?
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I have a 3 car garage and the double car bay floor is experiencing some chipping and crumbling on the surface. It was poured in 1989 so it has seen a lot of cold winters. My concrete guy is going to look at it for me and let me know what kind of repair coat might be needed before they could do a professional epoxy sealant over it.

It just got me thinking that if I were to go with a floor tile system or with some of the vinyl roll systems, I could skip the repair process all together and just go right to the tiles or the roll out mat. It would be a somewhat easy weekend project and I wouldn't necessarily need to do the entire floor, either. I could just do the parking bays if I wanted to.

I mainly want to make it look nicer while at the same time protecting the floor. I think that will cut down a lot of the dust that we get in there. What I like about tiles is I can do checkerboard patterns and there are many color options. Rolls seem to be the easiest. Epoxy would cover the entire floor so there would be more uniformity.