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I just joined Facebook and I'm try to build my list of friends, are any of you on there and interested in providing info for adding to friends?



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I'm on there as Morag Brand (I'm currently spending more time on Twitter @moragbrand)

See you there!


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You can also check out this post which includes links to many of members Facebook pages and other social networking profiles.

You can also check out my Facebook Fan page at http://jkvirtualoffice.tk .

I love to have you for a fan. I update the page often with links to good articles and other fun stuff. In fact, I just add an application that allows you to see all the stuff in my Google Feed reader- you see which blogs I've subscribed to and read any recent posts to those blogs. Pretty cool!

I also appreciate any feedback you might have about it.


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I'm on Facebook (which I mostly use for social stuff) and I'd be happy to have you as a friend:

Eyreka Peterson


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Facebook is great. Keep it professional though. You would hate for one of your associates or clients to see the night out on the town ;)


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I'm on FB too...search Anastacia Prince. I use it for keeping up with friends, but I've also gained two clients from there. So it's a great resource if you use it the right way. I'm on twitter as well...anastaciap

Looking forward to catching up with you.