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I have seen the Become a Virtual Assistant eBook advertised on almost all websites related to VA work that I've stumbled upon.

My question, is the book as detailed as it seems or is it just "another" reference book? I don't have a lot of start up funds, so I am trying to choose what I buy carefully.

Thank you for any input :)


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It is very good. I have bought a couple other VA books that give a lot of helpful pointers and general information but this one goes into a lot of detail. You would spend FOREVER on the internet trying to find all the information that is in this book and still miss a ton. I highly recommend it. It has made the process so much easier knowing exactly what I need to do each step of the way.


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Hi Christy,

The book is every bit as detailed as the reviews suggest and the description outlines. My favorite is all of the resources and links that are included with their URLs and the specialized services section. (Oh my, guess I have several favorites.) All of the many, many links alone are a massive bonus. If I'm looking for a certain resource, say time tracking software or digital signatures or even which software to use for a webinar, it's in here with a little blurb about the resource. It's my red hot resource secret when a client asks about this or that.

I like that under the specialized services some of the specifics of what that type of VA typically does is included. It helps to know which skills are needed and add an offering that you may not have considered.

I read the book after being established in business for 12 years but still found areas that held value to me. I wish this book was around 12 years ago. It would have saved me so much time in searching for this or wondering how to do that.



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WOW - thank you all for your insights. It makes me happy knowing that it does have a lot of information and that actual VA's have used it :)

Thank you all very much!!

Michelle Mangen

VAF Virtual Assistant Jumpstart Course Instructor
Here is the review I wrote on Amazon (I had bought the Kindle version not knowing it was also for sale here on VAF).

Dec 1, 2012 will be my fourth year in business however I didn't realize this ebook existed until a few short weeks ago. I really came across it by chance, primarily, because a good number of people have recently been asking me how to get started as a VA and I decided to see what was out here on Amazon.

Before I recommended the book to those who have been asking me for guidance I thought I should buy and read it myself to see if it was "worth it".

I haven't even reviewed all of the worksheets,forms, etc. that are included with the package - I have only read the ebook itself....and without a doubt it's worth every penny. I wish I had known about it many years ago.

Over the course of the past four years I've made a lot of mistakes, many that would have possibly been avoided had I read the book before starting.

Here are just a few examples of things I would have done differently:
*I would have chosen a different business name and URL
*Using contracts for everyone and including some type of penalty for late payments - while I've gotten much better there are still a number of long-term clients that are still without a contract
*Identifying what I really love doing and ONLY working with those types of clients
*Built in wording on annual increases into my contract
*Set up different pricing structures/packages for different types of clients

Of course, as they say, hindsight is always 20/20. My first year of business was challenging, to say the very least, I probably could have spent my time in a much better way knowing some of what I know now. By year three I hit 6 figures and could have very well accomplished that by year two, if I had known and implemented some of the items addressed in the ebook.

I take my business very seriously because I'm a single mom and full support for my child rests on my shoulders. Whether you decide you want to pursue being a Virtual Assistant on a full time or part time basis I'd highly recommend you invest in this book and read it several times to absorb all there is within it.


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I am not sure if i am in the right area. I purchased the book and it was great. I went to download the contracts and I can not get them. I even purchased the New client book and was able to get those downloads. But I can not get the contracts from the first book. So I am basically trying to do all the work for myself. I have emailed for help but I have not received an responds yet. Sorry for the negative. But the books was great. Just wish I could get the contracts. The password I have says In Valid and I do not now why.



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Hi Jennie, I am sorry you are having a problem with the downloads. I am pretty sure the directions stated you had two downloads. Maybe you can go back into the "store" and go to your account and try and see if you can do it again. Another problem that might of happened is that is saved somewhere on your computer that you cannot find. Anyway, I hope that maybe this is the problem, otherwise I am sure that someone will contact you as soon as they see the post.

Christie, you can't go wrong with this book, I signed up for the jumpstart class and received the book, and I have read it over and over again. It is full of good stuff. It helps you step by step, it may seem a little overwhelming with all that it has in there, but if you follow it, you can't go wrong.. All the help you need is right in that book, and right here on the forum. It is the best investment you can do for yourself to get started. Good luck.

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@Jennie - we've rec'd your emails through the contact form but each time we write you back your email bounces back as 'nonexistent address' - please post a support request in the Forum FAQ and Feedback section and we'll get you set up!

Virtual Julie

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Hi all

I joined this forum recently as I am just starting to set up my business.

I bought the Kindle version of this ebook at the weekend and cannot figure out how to access the 35 sample documents. Can someone help me with this? The link in the book doesn't seem to work.

Many thanks

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Hi Julie, for future reference, always best to post support requests in the Forum FAQ and Feedback section of VAF :)

But since you're here... go ahead and send a copy of your Amazon receipt to [email protected] and we'll get you the documents!

There's a page in the Kindle eBook with directions for how to download the docs FYI

Thanks so much for your purchase, and welcome to the forums!


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Good evening, I am having the same issue as Julie. I also bought the ebook and the URL does not seem to be working and the instructions is to go to that URL. I have emailed you my Amazon receipt as well in hopes to be able to get the documents. Please let me know if I need to do anything differently. Thank you for your time!

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Hi Sandra, thanks so much for your purchase! You should be all set now :)
Keep us all posted on how your startup process goes with the eBook in hand!


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I also bought the ebook but the link for the downloads do not work or are no longer active. Do I need to purchase the downloads as well? The book so far has great information but I'd be lying if I said I didn't buy the book for the downloads. It was actually my main reason for buying it. I've sent various emails requesting information on how and where I can get the downloads and none were answered. I'm honestly very disappointed. I don't know if the moderators of this board are still active. I would very much appreciate a reply to any of my emails or my posts. If I have to purchase these downloads because the rules have changed since the book was published, please kindly advise. Thank you in advance.
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