Feedback on Name Change Please?


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Hi everyone! So I've had my virtual assistant/virtual legal assistant business going for a bit over five years now. I am so proud and happy I've made it this far, but I'm thinking it's time for a change and I'd love any feedback.

I always wanted to and mostly have focused on offering services to lawyers, since I have a lengthy background as a paralegal/legal assistant. When I named my business though I let fear get the best of me and I made the name more general just in case I needed to market to non-lawyer clients. This was a good idea actually at the time I think, I did have many non-lawyer clients in the first couple of years. Over time though, and with client referrals and continued marketing, I've gotten my business to where I want it - working almost exclusively with lawyers and now only taking on new clients that are lawyers/firms.

I want to change my business name to go with that and get rid of the secretarial reference, and to help me grow to the next level now that my kids are getting older and I'm ready to take on more work.

Am I totally crazy? And if not, do you think Halo Paralegal is good (to keep a lot of the name goodwill I've built up) or should I go in a new direction and kind of have it like two companies? I also own the domain name Perfect Paralegal - which was my second choice at start up and I haven't been able to let go of the domain because I still like the name :D

Thanks for any advice!


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I guess it's down to personal preference. I imagine a lot of your clients wouldn't really care if you were called 'Satanist Parallelogram'...just so long as you do a good job for them. :D

If you do change your name (I prefer halo paralegal as you can 'brand' that) you could always set up a URL 301 redirect from the old site. People typing in the old URL will then be redirected to any new one. You could set a landing page saying something along the lines of 'Halo Paralegal, formerly known as Halo Secretarial Services' so people know they're in the right place. :)