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I had been on this site, some years back, dreaming of my own business. I don’t think I was quite ready to start taking the steps necessary and the idea fizzled out. But I am back, and feeling pretty serious this time.

I have been in construction finance for 10 years, and for the last 5 have done what I would consider full bookkeeping/payroll/controller responsibilities for a construction company with revenues of approximately 14mil. Per year. It’s been a real handful! But I’ve learned so much and feel very confident with my bookkeeping and finance and general administrative skills. I am assuming that I should go with construction/small business bookkeeping as a niche, though I am pretty tech. savvy and I am interested in learning more about all of the other technical VA options out there.

Example: An online friend of mine is a personal/life coach. She cannot yet afford a VA but was excited by the idea of she and I maybe “bartering” some services, so I could get going. And then she’d be a testimonial and so forth.

Sounds great right?! When I asked her what kind of VA services, her reply was…. “ I am setting up some tele-classes and will be doing some joint ventures, so I will need things like setting up affiliate systems, 1-shopping cart, possibly helping me on a live tele-class to monitor questions as they come in.... all kinds of things! I'm new to this aspect, too, so I'm not entirely sure what I need at this point. I am a writer/editor, so I don't need those services”. … Which, WOW, sounds interesting but I want to know where I can start learning more about these things, so I can be a little more diverse.

I’ve been doing the construction bookkeeping/finance for years, and I like it ok, but part of the reason I want to push outside this box is because I am frankly getting a little bored of it.

Thanks for any and all input you have! I know there is a TON of information in these forums, and I’ll definitely keep reading

I am excited to be here for sure!
I am working for a friend for barter too. :laugh3: It's great because I'm learning as I go along and she knows that. I think the best thing for you to do is go to other websites that offer the same services and take a look at what they have. Also do a search for shopping cart services do some research and present your findings to your friend. This will help you with research and presentation. Good Luck! ~ Lena


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Thanks! I am thinking the barter thing will help me a lot. Right now, I am stumbling around word press. Fun fun!


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Hi there and welcome (back!) to the forums :) Great to hear you've picked up where you left off and are again pursuing your own virtual assistant business!

It sounds like you have a lot of great skills but as you said you're bored with that type of work. If the work your friend wants to barter for sounds interesting I'd recommend starting out by digging into the software programs necessary to provide that type of support. Get into 1ShoppingCart, start looking at the other software your friend uses for her teleclasses, etc. and familiarize yourself with what they do.

There is a lot to learn, no matter which direction you choose so you may as well choose a direction that you LOVE!

Wishing you much success and looking forward to seeing you on the boards :)
Your new venture sounds exciting. I'm happy that you are persuing your dream.

I too am bartering with a Personal/Business Coach. It's great to be able to obtain experience and receive great advice while working out the details of my new business. She has an awesome network and will be a great referral when I am ready for additional clients.