Garage Floor Question FL

Hey everyone,

I’m planning to DIY my garage flooring toronto and had a few questions. I think I’ve got the process down and am using 100% solids.

Being located in FL, this time of the year the temperature fluctuates and I’ve read that the warmer it is then the faster the epoxy sets. Would it be possible to help speed up the process by applying heat on a cooler day? My schedule is somewhat sporadic so the day I’m free may be colder. The goal is to have it done same day.

Also, the manufacturer I am purchasing from has recommended one clear coat and that clear coat is polyaspartic. All of the videos I have watched have suggested a two coat clear coat solution with urethane first and then the polyaspartic. Is that overkill or is it necessary to double clear coat? I plan to have a primer coat and epoxy coat with medium flakes.

Let me know if I need to provide more info!